Importance of Real-Time Reports & Analytics in Transforming Contact Centers

To ensure the long-term success of a contact center, the management must be aware of what’s going on in the contact center. They must know what went down between their customers and agents during the call and how well agents stick to compliance and quality guidelines. So, what’s the best way to keep an eye on the daily operations of a contact center? Well, with advanced contact center software in place and real-time call monitoring, managers can analyze the agent’s performance and implement changes wherever required by making on the spot informed decisions to provide a flawless service to the customers.

What is Real-Time Monitoring and Why it is Important in the Contact Center?

Real-time monitoring for contact centers usually refers to the tools and software that enables managers to oversee and track calls between agents and customers. By using real-time monitoring, supervisors can get an insight into the contact center’s daily operations like agent’s performance, or inbound and outbound activities. They can optimize and monitor the performance of their team with real-time customizable API based wallboards and dashboards.

Benefits of Real-Time Monitoring

The key benefits of real-time monitoring include:

Enhanced Company Performance: Real-time monitoring software allows managers to receive an immediate alert regarding customer service issues as they happen. The system provides managers with call analytics, dashboards, and alerts. It tracks speech patterns and acoustics for things like profane language, escalation attempts, compliance violations, and customer sentiment. In case any dangerous customer service situation developed, the system immediately alerts the management about the issue. This way, managers can quickly take proactive steps to resolve the issue and retain their valuable customers. The automatic monitoring of the call-in process leads to immediate call resolution and in the end, leaves a satisfied customer rather than a frustrated and defeated one.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: Reports show that about 89% of consumers who experience poor customer service with a brand will likely leave that brand and choose their competitors. Therefore, contact centers must ensure that customers end their call on a good note. The software provides quick access to a high volume of data. It also provides flexible scheduling, customization, and filtering of data to have a 360-degree view of contact center performance. With real-time reports and analytics, managers can make the right decisions and identify areas of improvement to train their team and enhance customer satisfaction.

Employee Workflow Effectiveness: Every agent has a different set of skills and Real-time call monitoring presents a true picture of how an agent is performing and contributing to the success of the company. With speech analytics in place, managers can review 100% of calls as they happen and get a true understanding of which agents excel and which needs more training in certain types of interactions. With real-time analytics and reports, management can pinpoint which agents need more training and who are performing well. Real-time monitoring provides objective and reliable scoring on every contact and delivers fast, efficient performance feedback to agents during the call, as well as the managers to help improve the agent’s training programs. This way it leads to employee workflow effectiveness.


If you are looking for ways to improve the overall performance of your contact center and enhance customer service, make sure to choose a highly consolidated and omnichannel contact center software with the most important feature of reporting and analytics. After all, real-time reporting and benchmarking features can assist contact centers in growing their business.

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