Hodusoft: How to run smooth business operations while promoting remote work?

How to run smooth business operations while promoting remote work

Remote work is the necessity of almost all businesses across the globe. The Corona pandemic has changed the way of business operations. It has demanded social distancing and quarantine; hence, companies practice work from home for safer and smoother business operations.

In fact, it’s a good practice in the current scenario where you can empower employees’ safety by allowing them to work remotely to run business seamlessly. So, most of the companies that can operate remotely are strictly following the WFH practices. So, why not call centers or contact centers?

HoduCC – contact center software has launched a variety of features and functionality that help agents work efficiently and productively. We understand that customer service is the asset of a business, and it needs to run even in complex situations. Thus, HoduSoft has integrated WFH features for the contact center and call center software.

Still, wondering how Work From Home can run uninterrupted contact/call center business operations?

Go through this article, and you will get your answer. Here are focusing on the key functionalities of call center software and contact center software that promote remote work for the businesses.

Managing remote work and improving productivity is undoubtedly a difficult task. However, if you take advantage of the right technology, you can definitely enhance work efficiencies while your agents are working from home.

Remote Agent

This provides the freedom to your agents to work from anywhere. They can smartly handle their jobs even if they are away from the office. This system can be operated through computers, laptops, or mobile phones; any browser and any environment.

In-build WebRTC Phone

This offers simple operability to connect with customers via audio call, video call, instant message, etc. Besides, it allows a simple process to share files too. The in-built WebRTC phone with contact center software helps in improving agents’ productivity and efficiency.

Browser-Based Communication

Browser-based communication helps agents to work smoothly. The agents can have an office like experience with this type of communication with the customers. It’s easier to share files, screens, and assist customers in many ways.

Call Forwarding to Mobile

This feature is essential to solving customers’ queries immediately. When a customer rings on the office phone number, it will be redirected to a mobile number. Hence, the agent can assist the customers and answer their queries promptly.

Call Bridging

With this functionality, multiple participants can connect simultaneously on call. It allows you an opportunity to guide your customer in a better way with the help of senior staff. Plus, if you want to organize a virtual meeting, call bridging is a critical way.

Call Recording

You can easily record calls at any time. Whether you want to record calls for monitoring purposes or assure high-quality services, our contact center software offers a distinct feature of call recording.

Highly Secure

The call center software assures ultimate security measures. It means that no matter where the agents are working from, the system is highly secure against a data breach.

These functionalities allow them to work like they are in the office. The system enables the agents to work efficiently with call bridging, browser-based communication, in-build WebRTC phone, and other functionalities.

Besides, whether the internet connection is stable or not, HoduCC can work flawlessly. Even in the case of no internet connection, you can assign an external number (landline or cellphone) for uninterrupted customer services.

Want to allow your agents to work remotely without compromising productivity?

Opt for HoduCC that is designed to empower business operations through Work From Home. Connect with our specialists, and they will guide you through how our software can enable your agents to work productively while they are away from the office.

Sourced from: Hodusoft. View the original article here.

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