Hodusoft: Key Features of a Contact Center with Work From Home Agents

HoduCC-Contact Center Software is one of the best solutions that facilitate smooth business communication while improving productivity and providing better ROI. It is a comprehensive and secure software system that assures uninterrupted, flawless, and cost-effective business communication throughout the world. This cloud-based software system is an omnichannel contact center management solution that is designed to assist the call/contact center customer support team to automate their operations across various channels such as voice calls, email, chat, video, text messages, social media, and more. Moreover, the HoduCC-contact center system can be customized to suit all types of contact center’s requirements.

Key Features of HoduCC-Contact Center System

HoduCC not only offers intelligence and security but also comprises various unique features such as:

  • Predictive Dialer: The best solution for businesses with huge call volumes. It is designed to predict when to place the next call based on the agent’s availability and average talk time.
  • Skill-Based Mapping: Automatically route the call to the most appropriate agent or department to facilitate better customer engagement.
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD): Allows managers to distribute calls among available agents, supervisors, or external numbers using specific strategies.
  • WebRTC Phone: The system comprises an inbuilt web phone based on WebRTC technology by Google.
  • Auto Dialer: Auto dialer automates the entire communication system, thus allowing contact/call centers to manage their resources effectively and efficiently.
  • Single Tenant & Multi-Tenant: The system can be availed as single tenant or multi-tenant.
  • Multi Level IVR: It supports advanced multi-tenant IVR functions for easy management of call flow.
  • Real Time Analytics & Reports: Allows management to monitor and analyze all customer interactions.

Apart from all the above-mentioned features, HoduCC also provides various Work From Home (WFH) features. The work from home feature is an ideal solution for remote access to employees while ensuring uninterrupted, smooth, and secure business operations. Various WFH features of HoduCC include:

  • Remote Agent: The feature allows agents to work seamlessly from anywhere irrespective of Internet availability.
  • Inbuilt WebRTC Phone: With HoduCC’s inbuilt WebRTC feature, audio & video calls can be placed easily.
  • Browser Based: HoduCC eliminates the need to install any complex system. It’s very simple & easy to use.
  • Call Forwarding To Mobile: With the help of HoduCC, a call can be transferred to mobile easily.
  • Call Bridging: The feature allows connecting agents to customers & vice versa.
  • Call Recording: All types of calls including inbound and outbound calls get recorded.
  • Highly Secure: While facilitating smooth and consistent communication, the system assures high security of data.

How Did HoduCC’s WFH features operate in specific scenarios?

Well, the Work From Home features of HoduCC works differently in different situations, such as:

Stable Internet Connection

  • Easy Access to Server: In case of the Internet or VPN availability, the users can access the server by login into their Admin/Agent /Team lead/Supervisor panel remotely.
  • In-built WebRTC Phone: With the help of a built-in WebRTC phone, the agents or supervisors can place or receive calls by login into their respective portal.
  • Support External SIPs: The system also supports external SIPs. Users can simply register their extension on SIP SoftPhone or IP Phone to make or receive calls. They can also use system codes to perform various tasks such as queue login/logout, call transfer to multiple available options, etc.

Unstable Internet Connection

  • External number with Web portal: Users with unstable Internet access can use an external number (mobile/landline) with the web portal.
  • Access to Website: Users with Unstable bandwidth for voice calls can access websites.
  • Easy Configuration: Users can configure their external number (mobile or landline) to receive calls from HoduCC.
  • Access to Key Details: While using the external number for receiving calls, users can have access to various details on the portal like call script, surveys, CRM, call disposition, and various other details to carry out various functions via the web portal.
  • Call Bridging: In case of an unstable internet connection, the agent needs to dial the number from the web portal. The call will be transferred to the agent’s mobile first and once the agent answers the call, the system will automatically dial the customer’s number and the call will be bridged with the agent’s call.

No Internet Access

  • External Number: Users with no internet connection and/or PC/Laptop can use an external (mobile or landline) number.
  • Easy Login System: The agent or supervisor can log in to the platform by dialing a specific number and system code. Once logged in, the agent will start receiving calls directly to his mobile or landline number.
  • DID Number Configuration for Dialing-Out calls: Agents can easily dial out calls from their mobile or landline number via a predefined DID number configured in HoduCC.


In today’s time, the work from home system has gained a lot of popularity or we can say that WFH has become a necessity, the software system like HoduCC can be really helpful in managing work efficiently and productively while working remotely. The WFH features offered by HoduCC assist agents to work effectively and smoothly no matter where they are located, have proper internet access or not. With HoduCC-call/contact center software system, the agents can effortlessly handle the challenge of working remotely and delight their customers with exceptional customer engagement.

Sourced from: Hodusoft. View the original article here.

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