Hodusoft: How Work from Home Contact Center Software Can Solve Remote Work Challenges?

The Covid-19 has altered our work life in many ways. Most of us are still working in the pandemic-ushered work from home mode. What has not changed, however, is reaching for our phones to call customer service contact center agents, for a myriad of issues. In fact, throughout the pandemic period, contact centers witnessed long waits. Public bodies and corporations both used contact centers for outreach and business. 

On the other hand, contact center owners who are mostly accustomed to managing on-premise staff are now relying on remote workforce management software. This trend has seen increased remote contact center software demand for adapting to new ways of working. Customer service will remain a priority. Research firm Gartner predicts 30% of organizations will shift their on-premise contact center operations to remote by 2024. It would lead to a 60% jump in customer service agents working from home, according to Gartner.

Remote Contact Center Software:  How does it add business value?

Going by the outlook, software aiding in work from home will be a valuable addition for any business. The pandemic has accelerated years of change in digitization. Organizations that want to stay ahead need to prioritize change management for creating a virtual and collaborative remote work environment. 

Gartner suggests moving to cloud-based contact center software as a first step towards remote workforce management. The next step is motivating and empowering your customer service agents. The third, get in place remote workforce management software that facilitates collaboration. Have a glance at the figure below to understand the process.

Migration to a cloud contact center benefits companies by effective cost optimization. Cost optimization is the main reason for businesses to migrate their operations to the cloud. A cloud-based contact center offers flexibility and scalability by the way of the pay-as-you-go model. Overall, this mitigates the cost of on-premise installation and allows contact center customer service operators to monitor the remote workforce.  

Most of the contact center operators may shift to this model. As per Gartner, Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) revenue is estimated to reach 29% reaching $17.9 billion by 2024, as users embrace expansive capabilities including multichannel, AI, analytics, and WEM.

Fortunately, Gartner CategoryLeader and FrontRunner software HoduCC can be deployed easily overcloud. Let us look at the key features of HoduCC Contact Center software.

Key features of HoduCC contact center software:

  • Omnichannel 

HoduCC is made for modern contact center operations with an omnichannel support framework that lets you manage customer communication over multiple channels. Be it voice, email, social media, video, SMS, and chat—you can connect with customers where they are. HoduCC has add-on features such as WhatsApp for Business, Facebook Integration, Instagram. In addition it allows Zoho Phonebridge, Salesforce and Zendesk as add-on. For SMSadd-ons, HoduCC contact center software has Twilio and Telnyx.

  • Auto dialer 

Auto dialers increase the efficiency and productivity of agents by automatically managing call flow. It can easily detect busy signals and unanswered calls to transfer only the connected calls to the agents, significantly reducing call drop rates. 

  • Predictive dialer

A predictive dialer brings efficiency to the process by automating the dialing of outbound phone calls based on an algorithm to predict the next agent availability. It is useful in predicting the average call answer time and agent availability, in turn allowing modification of dial rate as needed.  

  • WebRTC Phone

Turn your on-premise solution to remote contact center software with HoduSoft. Even when your agents are remotely working, HoduCC contact center software allows service agents to securely converse with customers through in-built web phones based on WebRTC technology. 

  • Multilevel IVR 

Automate and categorize customers’ concerns easily through HoduCC contact center software. Even if your agents are working from home, you can assign tasks after filtering through multi-level interactive voice response (IVR) that takes your inbound calling to the next level. This helps in managing the performance of the remote workforce. At the same time, it acts as front office staff by offering self-help features, guiding the caller through a series of self-service prompts. 

  • Call Recording

As a Gartner CategoryLeader in the call recording category, you can be assured to be in safe hands with HoduCC. Easily monitor calls through recordings. The recorded calls are securely placed on your server or backup server, and they can be retrieved when needed. 

  • Real-time analytics and reports

This feature helps in collating and presenting the real time data of your business. Live dashboards help in easy viewing and generation of various reports and real time reports. 

  • CRM integration

Make your existing CRM more powerful with the latest features and seamless integration with HoduCC. You can easily run large marketing campaigns cost-effectively with integration and enrich customer experience. 

  • SMS integration

Sending out alerts or reminder notifications, the HoduCC SMS channel makes connecting with the customers easy and fast.

It is time to make the move if you have not already to the future— work-from-home or work-from-anywhere mode. With HoduSoft’s HoduCC cloud contact center software, you can speed up operations by easy installation. We provide unmatched value for contact center software. Over 200 customers across 34 countries trust us to help them scale cost-effectively. 

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