HoduSoft brings HoduCC for Call Centers during COVID-19 pandemic

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Coronavirus outbreak has shaken the performance and growth rate of all sorts of businesses. Businesses are permitting their employees to work from remote locations to maintain the efficiency and growth rate of the company. They are searching for tools and software that can assist them in making adverse effects of Coronavirus to a minimal extent and can function smoothly.

Tools and software play a vital role in the smooth functioning of call centers. HoduSoft, the leading VoIP solutions provider across the world, has come up with HoduCC, an omnichannel contact center software. It facilitates business communication, enhances productivity, and offers innovative ROI to various sorts of businesses. It is the best consolidated and comprehensive contact center software to assist call centers in functioning smoothly and enhance customer satisfaction during this Coronavirus pandemic.

What is HoduCC:

HoduCC is an Omnichannel Contact Center Software that is suited to all sorts of call centers. It offers advanced features to make you offer your customers a secure and smooth calling experience. A team of VoIP experts has designed it in a way that customer’s expectations can be met, and user loyalty can be created. Businesses of any size can use it.

HoduCC offers an omnichannel platform to provide productive and personal phone support to call centers. It assists call centers in resolving customer queries faster, analyzing performance reports of call support operations, and improving customer satisfaction.

Role of HoduCC during COVID-19

Crippling COVID-19 is sweeping the world economy. Countries are under lockdown, and businesses have shifted to work from Home. In this distress situation, now technology can only reduce the harmful impacts of this crisis. HoduCC is one of the best contact center software to help companies to function smoothly during this epidemic. It has several features to make the operation of call centers more smooth and efficient. Few of the required key features of HoduCC that can help companies during COVID-19 includes:-

1. Predictive Dialer
2. Automatic call distribution
3. Single-tenant and multi Tenant
4. WEBRTC Phone
5. Skill-based Mapping
6. Auto Dialer
7. Real-time Analytics
8. Multi-Level IVR
9. Configure scripts
10. Recording playback and download
11. IVR and agent survey
12. SMS broadcasting
13. Call conference
14. Real-time Queue and agent status
15. Campaign management

Benefits of HoduCC for call centers during COVID-19

1. Ease to manage outbound calls – HoduCC is the best outbound contact center software. It is the best solution for businesses having a large volume of outgoing calls. It assists call centers in managing calls, generating good quality leads, motivating agents, and offering excellent customer satisfaction. It can help several companies during lockdown and Coronavirus to maintain the high volume of outgoing calls easily.

2. Customize IVR levels – HoduCC offers a multi-level IVR (Interactive voice response) system. In this, users are given the option to choose from a series of audio prompts, and as per their choice, they are offered to select from another series of audio prompts. Finally, they are routed to the most appropriate department, call queue, agent, or voicemail, depending upon their chosen options. This can benefit call centers to optimize their IVR levels and offer a quick solution to customers.

3. Analyze data to track Coronavirus – The most significant advantage of HoduCC is to analyze data of patients and customers to track the rate at which Coronavirus is increasing and analyze real-time data and generate reports to take necessary actions.


Coronavirus is deteriorating all types of business. So if companies want to survive and generate revenue, then they need to shift to remote functioning. HoduCC is the best inbound and outbound call center software that can assist all types of call centers in the running smoothly and offer excellent customer satisfaction. If you are also searching for contact center software to reduce the adverse effect of Coronavirus on your business, then contact us at HoduSoft to have a customized contact center software for all sorts of call center services.

Sourced from: Hodusoft. View the original article here.

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