HoduSoft Announces Subscription Based Hosted PBX Software

Leading Unified Communications market leader HoduSoft today announced the launch of a monthly subscription-based hosted business telephony software. The company’s popular product, HoduPBX, will be available to enterprises on a subscription basis. A modern-day business telephony system packed with advanced features, HoduPBX provides seamless and enterprise-grade connectivity and collaboration.

The global hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) software market is growing at a CAGR of 14.9%, with more Small and Medium Businesses adopting a hosted PBX phone system. Hosted business phone systems also known as IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) are becoming popular in recent years due to their flexibility, ability to reduce overall cost, voice quality, and ease of management. They are seen as an attractive option for small businesses that rely largely on remote workers to reduce their capital expenditure.

“The business environment has undergone a significant shift in the last few years. We are seeing huge demand for world-class business telephony solutions that can effectively meet our customer’s needs. Our monthly subscription based hosted PBX offering is in response to the growing needs of an agile solution for business connectivity. We feel more businesses will benefit from the model due to the flexibility and scalability that Cloud offers,” HoduSoft Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer, Kartik Khambhati said.

In a digitized world, a traditional PBX system is not enough to cater to modern business communication needs. A well-crafted IP-PBX solution like HoduPBX is more relevant in the current business communications landscape. The HoduPBX is feature-rich software that can be customized as per your business needs, be delivered on cloud or on-premise, ensuring seamless employee engagement and delivering stellar customer service. Features such as multi-level IVR, automatic call distribution (ACD), prepaid and postpaid billing, payment gateway integration, and more make it one of the best-hosted PBX solutions for businesses.

“With 42 unicorns conceived in India in 2021, we are in a very exciting space as a country in our entrepreneurship journey. There is a rising demand for subscription-based hosted PBX phone systems, with entrepreneurship booming and we at HoduSoft want to contribute whole-heartedly to this journey. We are extremely happy to extend the HoduPBX to businesses on a monthly subscription basis and realize the company’s vision of making a world-class, enterprise-grade communication system easily accessible. With the introduction of a subscription-based model, we will now be able to reach more customers and expand our footprint,” said Gaurang Upadhyay, Assistant Vice President, HoduSoft.

With a presence in 40+ countries, spread across 6 continents and 200+ customers, HoduSoft is a fast-growing unified communications company. The company bagged the ‘Indian Achievers Award-2021’ for its outstanding achievements and contributions towards building the nation.

About HoduSoft:

HoduSoft is an India-headquartered unified communications software maker. Starting in 2015, HoduSoft builds quality software products to help businesses achieve success with their communications tools. Today, HoduSoft is one of the leading VoIP software makers, offering world-class communication products at unmatched value for companies of all sizes.

Other quality software products in the HoduSoft suite include HoduCC- call center software, HoduBlast, HoduPBX, and HoduConf that render personal, intelligent, and delightful customer experiences.

HoduCC call center software helps growing call centers to resolve customer issues faster, measure and improve call support operations, and provide proactive communication support to meet changing customer expectations. The feature-rich software is an ideal solution to increase the productivity of the sales and customer support team cost-effectively.

HoduBlast is an automated Voice & SMS Broadcasting software for digital voice messaging. The multi-tenant version can provide Voice & SMS broadcasting services to your clients. This software allows you to run campaigns, event promotions, organize surveys and polls, send reminders, warnings, or reports. Also, you will be able to communicate efficiently with customers who do not have access to social media, email, or text messages.

HoduPBX is an IP PBX-based phone system to cater to all businesses be it big or small, a powerful and comprehensive business telephony system packed with cutting-edge features to help enterprises connect and collaborate securely across all its offices globally. It has the capability to handle heavy call volume, can integrate with existing apps and tools, and can be fully customized to cater to your business needs.

HoduConf is a cost-effective business conferencing product. It is a robust audio conferencing software built for business collaboration. An all-in-one solution to manage everything, right from small interactive meetings to large engaging webinars.

Get in touch https://hodusoft.com

Source: PR.Com

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