Hodusoft: A Guide To Finding The Best PBX Phone System For Your Small Business

In today’s digitized world, an advanced business communication system is vital. A dedicated business phone system lends reliability and consistency in communication. According to SoftwareAdvice, most of the people in the industry expect the US landline telephone network will cease to exist by 2027. Internet-based voice calls or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has already permeated our daily lives and impacted how we conduct our day-to-day business. 

This trend became more pronounced during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since the start of the pandemic, 41% of small businesses cut down their in-person communication with customers and 6% stopped meeting customers completely, a report by Canadian Federation of Independent Business found. Video conferencing has become the top communication platform adopted by businesses during the pandemic, followed by email. As a small business owner, you are probably aware of this and weighing options to upgrade your business phone system. 

Many small businesses seeking better solutions find PBX phone systems advantageous. Business phone systems are no longer only a tool for making and receiving calls. The best PBX systems allow you and your employees to use phone, video, and text, which provides flexibility to connect with customers and clients in many ways. Frost & Sullivan survey revealed 69% of the businesses were using premises-based communication systems, while 31% procured their phone service from internet services providers. 

Key Benefits of PBX Phone System

  • Reduced costs

One of the most compelling reasons for a small business owner to move to PBX software for business communication is lower costs. This becomes important if your team and customers are dispersed across geographies.  A PBX software helps to curtail international phone bills and facilitates remote work collaboration at the same time.

  • Leverage Softphone technology

PBX lets you use softphone technology, which requires no additional device for making calls. You can simply use your computer or IP phone to dial the customers directly. All business communication and collaboration features are offered in a single PBX software.  

  • Avail modern communication channels

PBX phone systems are often considered the bedrock of unified communication and collaboration ecosystem for a small business. Some advanced PBX solutions offer features such as video calls, voice log, speed dial, click-to-call, voice mail, call forwarding among others.

  • Direct connectivity

An IP PBX, a combined version of PBX and IP telephony lets you access business-grade IP telephony regardless of your size. You will never miss a customer call with a direct IP link that lets you reach directly to your customers without delay. 

  • Increase employee productivity

A business phone lets you increase employee efficiency with in-built automation tools and real time analytics.

  • Get scalability

Many VoIP service providers offer cloud deployment of PBX services that helps to reduce IT overheads and the option to scale as your small business grows. 

Now that you are familiar with the advantages of the PBX phone system. The question of picking up the best solution for your small business arises. 

  • Accounting for total Cost of  Ownership

Accounting for total cost of ownership throughout the lifecycle of a business phone system is one of the most important aspects of decision making. Nowadays, IP PBX is also available as a SaaS product. This allows you to figure out reasonably exact costing. 

  • Assess your internet connection

Cloud-based IP PBX and hosted solution, both require consistent and secure fast internet connection to work well. An inconsistent IP transfer could lead to call drop in and drop out. You should ensure that your IP service provider can provide adequate bandwidth to support a business phone system.  

  • Seek Customization

It is best to get a customized software that helps to automate certain tasks as per your business needs. A hosted PBX software system may require changes from your end, while a cloud-based IP PBX software customization may be borne by a service provider.

  1. Understand Technical support tenure

Your relationship with the VoIP PBX vendor should not end at the point of purchase rather it begins then. Make sure the vendor has a qualified technical support team not only a sales engineer. You are likely to need support post installation and throughout the product’s lifecycle. 

  • Find Scalable solution

Whatever you choose, the important consideration should be an adaptable solution which can be scaled as your small business grows. 

It makes business sense to invest in a feature-rich IP PBX software for the long run. With HoduPBX, you are in good hands. HoduPBX has all the features listed above in addition to the add-on offers. 

Add-on features of HoduPBX phone system

  • Android and iOS App

HoduPhone is an application designed for HoduPBX users. The application is available on Google Play and Apple Store. The HoduPBX users can use the application to access all HoduPBX features from their phones such as audio and video calls. 

HoduPhone supports SIP protocol which facilitates flawless and cost-effective communication. It is also available as a white-label option for ISPs (Internet Service Provider), ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Provider) and telecom companies who use the multi-tenant IP PBX platform to offer hosted PBX services under their brand. 

  • Save money on IP device with Chrome browser access

Organizations can let their employees simply use the HoduPBX features by adding HoduPhone to extend their Chrome browser. This helps in the management of calls directly from desktops and laptops, without any additional expenditure on IP phones. 

  • Bring efficiency with Queue Pro

HoduPBX is capable of handling over 1000 concurrent calls and 10000+ extensions on a single server. Queue Pro allows users to see the status of the call queue in real- time. Tenants have the option to create multiple call queues under the service section of the portal.

The Queue Pro module adds efficiency to the system with easy organization and management of calls. The team manager can access detailed information of multiple call queues at a glance.

  • Use SMS integration for easy communication

HoduPBX SMS integration feature is an ideal solution for businesses to stay connected with their important contacts. You can send text messages to the customers or clients easily, at no extra costs. ITSPs, ISPs, telecom companies and hosted service providers can offer SMS services to their customers.

  • Save cost and scale up your business with SIP trunking

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking module in HoduPBX is an advanced voice connectivity feature that provides a quality voice experience along with reliable services. It offers huge savings in costs and opens up a host of unified communications features. With HoduPBX, you can easily configure, monitor, and manage SIP trunking and overcome scalability, and maintenance issues. 

  • Use Voice transcription to increase productivity

Many businesses use the voicemail system to send, store and retrieve audio messages, akin to an answering machine. The HoduPBX is integrated with the Google API to facilitate voice or audio message transcription. Whenever a voicemail comes in the HoduPBX system for any customer, the PBX will use the Google API to transcribe that voice or audio message into a PDF file and then send it to the users. Voicemail makes a business phone system flexible and powerful by allowing information and messages to pass between users even when one of them is not present.

Don’t delay, pick up the phone

We have served over 200 customers, big and small in 34 countries. We are one of the best PBX phone system providers in India and the US, giving our customers a quick return on investment. To know more about IP PBX software, both on-premise and cloud reach out to HoduSoft. We believe in partnering with our customers in their growth journey.  Call us at — or write to – for a confidential discussion.

Sourced from: Hodusoft. View the original article here.

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