Healing healthcare IT with the cloud

Modern businesses have to make quick decisions in order to stay ahead of the competition. And having the most recent data available is critical in order to make these swift business decisions possible.

Within the healthcare space, the stakes are far higher. When getting test results, diagnosing patients and determining the best course of treatment can save a life, innovations like cloud have a significant impact. Cloud simplifies operations and streamlines processes; making it possible for administrative personnel, physicians and nurses to access medical records if/when they need them. Ultimately, making data available, and consumable, for medical professionals in their moment of need makes cloud a great choice for healthcare.

Here are a few ways that cloud is improving healthcare IT:

Greater collaboration: People working within hospitals need to be able to communicate with one another without any fuss. Similarly, there is so much value in being able to collaborate with and bounce ideas off other healthcare professionals and hospital personnel.

Improved service: Cloud-based healthcare IT systems enhance communication between doctors and patients improving their ability to schedule appointments, make cancellations or shift away from tedious processes.

Advanced research: By collecting information from various sources it is far easier for the medical fraternity to find real solutions to medical problems. With big data, there is also potential to develop personalised medicine because it is possible to measure each individual’s unique genetic makeup.

Better record keeping: Cloud-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) make healthcare data and records available via a centralised location. This technology brings together different healthcare IT systems so that healthcare professionals have a single view of all the information pertaining to each patient so that they can make the most informed decisions.

Lower upfront investment: The lower upfront investment in cloud-based infrastructure drives new business models making wearable devices, mobile health and other eHealth services possible. And because you don’t have to manage any infrastructure you also have more time to focus your attention on other, more important, things.

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