For Large Retailers, Hope Still Remains for Integrated Service T1 Gateways

For SMBs in search of a solution to transmit basic data to your central office or headquarters, there exist many more options today than in the past. Standard DSL and cable internet connections have become economical choices for typical business use.

But for large retailers transmitting mission-critical real-time data from each location to headquarters, the ubiquitous T1 connection may still be your best option, even with these newer connection types available on the market. Plus, large retailers with established solutions working over T1 are typically hesitant to change their connection method at all.

A T1 connection is more beneficial for large retailers in a number of ways :

  • Offers reliable Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and guarantees performance for applications in real-time, such as voice and video calling.
  • Not affected by distance from the exchange.
  • Not affected by contention ratios.
  • T1 line providers offer an uptime of 99.9%, making the service suitable for mission-critical applications.
  • DSL and cable internet may not exist in the geographical area, whereas T1 typically does.

The only real competition for T1 in the large retailers market niche is carrier-grade Ethernet, but that is not always an option since this type of technology exists mainly in large urban areas.

So, with all the benefits of a T1 connection for large retailers, what do they do when virtually all vendors of T1 equipment have discontinued their solutions? In the past, several vendors provided T1 data cards, used by integrators, to create custom gateways. They would be used at each of the retailer’s store locations to collect and transmit mission-critical real-time data back to headquarters. But today’s reality is that the market has become barren, including support for these products, leaving retailers stranded in search of a supported alternative.

Fortunately for this market, Sangoma offers supported T1 data cards that are drop-in replacements for those products discontinued by other vendors. Since 1984, Sangoma has been producing and supporting T1 data cards for custom gateway deployments. Among our satisfied customers are some of the largest and most trusted retail chains in North America and beyond.

Lanner Electronics Inc., for example, uses Sangoma T1 cards in their custom fail-over solutions for large retailers. A leading global provider of advanced network appliances and rugged applied computing platforms for system integrators, service providers, and application developers, solutions from Lanner Electronics include a wide range of vCPE white box hardware, pre-validated by major SD-WAN solution leaders in the market to accommodate the demands for resilience, performance, and enhanced connectivity.

“We have been using Sangoma A101 and A102 T1 data cards in our appliances for years now, to support some of the largest retailers for T1 failover solutions, “ says Sven Freudenfeld, CTO of Lanner Electronics. “They are highly compatible, very reliable, and very easy to integrate. We recommend Sangoma’s T1 cards for all integrators who need to build custom gateways to interface with T1 and Point-of-Sale.”


If you are an integrator looking to create a gateway solution to interface with T1 and connect to point-of-sale systems, Sangoma is a trusted leader.

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