Extend the Value of Microsoft Teams Phone with Partner Integrations

Microsoft Teams is where hybrid work happens. Over 270 million active monthly users use Teams to communicate, collaborate, and stay in the flow of work. Teams Phone alone counts nearly 80 million active users, placing a billion calls monthly.

Customer choice is at the center of everything we do. We strive to meet customers where they are and give them the choice to connect partner solutions they’re already using with Teams.

The Teams Phone contact center and compliance recording certification programs provide a new level of validation including rigorous third-party testing to ensure seamless and reliable integration of contact center and compliance recording solutions with Teams. We currently have 13 contact center certified solutions and 11 compliance recording certified solutions, with many more in the pipeline.

Easily connect your existing contact center solution with Teams

Selecting, deploying, and training agents on a new contact center solution can take significant time and resources. If your organization already has a contact center provider, we have certified 13 different contact center solutions across 9 ISV partners to seamlessly integrate with Teams.

Having to switch between multiple applications hinders employee productivity, efficiency, and efficacy. According to an IDC report, the time spent switching between apps is a primary barrier to getting things done for 57% of contact center agents. Navigating this hurdle may be the difference between delivering a positive customer experience and a negative one. Integrating your contact center solution with Teams easily connects contact center agents with subject matter experts and enables agents to resolve issues faster by quickly accessing the help they need to deliver superior customer experiences.

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We work closely with contact center solution providers like GenesysNICE and Tendfor to test and certify their solutions to integrate with Teams. However, don’t just take our word for it – hear from our partners on the benefits of Teams integration.

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“At Genesys, we’re focused on helping businesses orchestrate people-centered experiences, and today that requires connecting systems, channels and teams across the enterprise. We’re working with partners, like Microsoft, to make it easier for business to remove barriers that are creating friction. With the combined power of Genesys Cloud CX and Microsoft Teams, employees can work together more fluidly so they can provide effortless experiences for customers.”
– Olivier Jouve, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Genesys Cloud

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“CXone is committed to providing a frictionless agent experience by extending our agent suite beyond the contact center. NICE CXone and Microsoft Teams integrated together provides yet another avenue to deliver upon this vision. We are excited to continue working with Microsoft finding new and innovative solutions that deliver incredible value for organizations of all sizes around the world.”
– Hugh David Smith, Director, Product Management R&D Corporate

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“At Tendfor, we help organizations move to native Microsoft Teams calling with all the professional functionality they are used to from legacy contact center and attendant console solutions. The fact that Tendfor is 100% Graph API-based, and works with any combination of Teams PSTN-integrations – including Microsoft’s Calling Plans and Operator Connect – affords our customers a truly global communication platform for their professional agents. This has never been possible before Microsoft Teams. Now, you get it out of the box at a very low total cost of ownership. A revolution”
– Ryan O’Connor, Technical Sales Manager, North America

Learn more here about contact center solutions certified to integrate with Teams.

Enable compliant communications with compliance recording solutions certified for Teams

In the current hybrid world and with a workforce that is more mobile than ever before, organizations are broadly seeking new and innovative ways to communicate. The need to ensure corporate compliance by implementing corporate policies on online communications, especially in regulated industries, is of utmost importance.

Organizations that are required by a regulatory body to record, store and process communications via online meetings and calls, based on an administrative policy, can stay compliant by integrating compliance recording solutions with Teams compliance. This allows organizations to easily record and manage interactions from multiple channels and data sources with the confidence that their organization’s data and privacy are secured, protected, and compliant.

ASCNICE and Verint, are a few of the certified partners that provide compliant solutions for recording all communication modalities.

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“We joined the TAP program early on and have had the privilege to work closely together with Microsoft to co-develop the APIs for compliance recording. We knew from the beginning that Teams would be a game changer, and we therefor made the decision right from start to build our compliance solution as native into Teams. Staying native to Teams ensures great user experience for our mutual customers while our solution is leveraging Microsoft’s own technology suite and architecture. Recording Insights complements Microsoft’s own offering and ensures our clients meet 100% compliance across regulations. We utilize Microsoft technology across the board, incorporating Cognitive Services in our AI based risk analysis, storing all data in Azure, and integrating to Dynamics 365 for enhanced user experience.”
– Emma Skygebjerg, Global VP Microsoft Alliances

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“As the industry’s first Microsoft-certified all-in-one trade conversation recording platform, NTR-X seamlessly records, archives, and transcribes regulated employee Microsoft Teams communications (across voice, video, chat, screen sharing, document sharing and more). Together, NICE’s NTR-X compliance recording and SURVEIL-X holistic surveillance solutions form Compliancentral, the industry’s most comprehensive, end-to-end communication and trade compliance platform. In financial services, trust is essential to market integrity and everything firms do. Compliancentral helps firms build trust by shining the spotlight on misconduct, so firms can stamp it out at its source. It does this by capturing every regulated employee communication, and then holistically applying AI and advanced analytics to trade, communication and behavioral data to help firms gain a complete understanding of what regulated employees are saying and doing.”
– Lee Garf, General Manager, NICE Compliance Line of Business

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“With the widespread adoption of hybrid and remote working, businesses are increasingly turning to Microsoft Teams to support collaboration with their partners and customers. Since capturing, storing, and managing these interactions is mandated by strict regulations in many industries – such as Financial Services – the ability to implement automatic, policy-based recording and archiving of Teams calls and other UC interactions is vital. Microsoft’s partner certification program provides the assurance that businesses need. Verint values the confidence that certification gives our customers and we have been a committed and proud partner of Microsoft for UC capture since first releasing our integration with Skype for Business/Lync 12 years ago.”
– Phil Fry – Vice President, Financial Compliance Strategy, Verint

Learn more here about compliance recording solutions certified to integrate with Teams.

Sourced from: Microsoft Teams Blog. View the original article here.

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