Ericsson-LG: This is why WebRTC matters to your customers

Yes, it’s yet another bloody acronym for us all to start throwing into everyday conversation. It’s also one of those tricky acronyms where you have to say the first half as a word “Web” and the second half as a true acronym: R-T-C.

Vendors, analysts and tech bores have been shoving this down our throats for a while now and telling us it’s the next big thing; that if we aren’t talking about it, using it and embracing it, our sales will dry up, careers will end and businesses will rapidly disintegrate.

Clearly that’s bollocks, but it is worth looking at and understanding to make sure it’s part of your sales pitch when talking to your customers.

To understand a bit more about WebRTC and what it means to the Pragma iPECS UCaaS platform, check out a couple of our other blogs that talk about the launch of iPECS ONE and the technical delivery of the iPECS ONE project.

So what are the important things to know when discussing WebRTC with your customers and why should they care about our latest acronym?

In really simple terms, WebRTC makes your browser – say, Google Chrome – a communications device for voice, video, chat or collaboration. All of a sudden, communicating with colleagues, customers and partners isn’t all about what hardware you have on your desk or remembering if you’ve downloaded the latest Teams client or Zoom software; it’s about clicking a link and starting to chat. It’s that simple.

That suddenly makes things a whole lot easier for everyone. As the user, it means:

  • You don’t have to download software and worry about installation
  • You don’t have to think about which device or software the person at the other end has; you just need a web browser
  • You have a simple and easy user experience in the software tool you use most – your browser
  • You get access to all the tools you need in one place: voice, video, chat and collaboration
  • Working from home is made simple and easy as your only requirement is a browser

Meanwhile, as the IT manager or administrator, it means:

  • You massively reduce your support overhead, as you don’t need to help users download and install software
  • You can deploy using simple QR code-based tools
  • You just have to maintain the browser standard
  • You can be assured of the security of users’ access to the comms tools
  • You can reduce costs as users access their comms service using their existing WiFi connection
  • You don’t have to worry about the vagaries of home broadband set-ups

And finally, as the reseller, it means:

  • You can eliminate many of the complexities and costs around the rollout of client apps
  • You can be assured that as long as your client has a browser, it will work. No more iOS-specific software or complicated plug-ins
  • You can provide your customer with the perfect working-from-home solution
  • You can help the IT manager by reducing their support overheads, therefore making their life easier
  • You can help end-users by making it really easy for them to access the simple comms tools they need

So rather than just being another annoying comms and IT acronym, WebRTC could actually be the game-changer we need in supporting remote working, reducing client support costs and delivering a better user experience.

All of this wrapped up and delivered seamlessly through the Pragma iPECS UCaaS platform, iPECS Cloud. Better propositions for your customers, better margins for you. Better get involved. WebRTC is at the heart of the Pragma UCaaS platform and our latest product iPECS ONE is built with WebRTC at the core.

Sourced from: Ericsson-LG Blog. View the original article here.

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