Ericsson-LG: How Cloud is redefining the way that businesses grow

Modern businesses require more from their service providers. In the past customer relationships were built around buying and selling products. But, to achieve success in the current fast-paced business environment, teams need to be more adaptable to maintain a consistent relationship with their providers.

This is why cloud services have become incredibly popular. Cloud systems have allowed businesses to access a new way to work with the most advanced services, without being tied to physical hardware. Cloud services provide the versatility that modern businesses require, and this has led to many teams developing their own Cloud First Strategy.

Cloud services have redefined the way that new businesses are developing. Rather than making a large initial investment on a PBX system that supports a business’ early needs. Teams are preferring an initial lower outlay on a cloud system that they can grow with into the future. Cloud services open the door for easier expansion, making it simple to add features such as unified communications and call analytics.

At Ericsson-LG Enterprise, we understand that a Cloud First Strategy could be a new way for many businesses to access a range of services that might otherwise be inaccessible. For this reason, we have assembled this guide to the benefits of operating a Cloud First Strategy.

Scale your business in an organic way

Before the emergence of cloud tools, many businesses hesitated to upgrade their communications due to their concern that the disruption caused by adding new systems would outweigh the benefits of a more modern system. Thanks to the cloud, these concerns no longer exist.

Cloud systems allow you to add more users instantly, without the worry of having to install new lines and without the threat of downtime disrupting your operation. This not only allows you to provide all users with a complete phone service, but also allows your team to access the latest features available.

Through your cloud platform, you can access the latest tools as soon as they become available. This includes new technology such as unified communications platforms such as iPECS ONE. This service allows you to communicate via voice, video, and chat, and is designed to work perfectly alongside the iPECS Cloud platform.

Another great set of features accessible to cloud users is Analytics. This feature allows businesses to gain a better understanding of their communications through comprehensive statistics for individual users and teams. Every useful piece of data is included, such as call duration, calls missed, and time spent in the queue. This helps business undertake more meaningful performance benchmarking.

A more sustainable investment

Compared to traditional on-premise systems, cloud communications provide a more flexible platform for growing teams to build from. The low initial outlay and fixed monthly cost means that new businesses can access a competitive communications system without damaging their short-term finances. Cloud systems also do not require nearly as much equipment, ideal for smaller organizations who will likely have limitations in terms of floor space.

A Cloud First Strategy also opens the way for smaller businesses to access technology that lets them compete with larger businesses, far earlier than they would otherwise. This includes solutions such as the previously mentioned unified communications and analytics platforms, but also the latest handsets. The versatility of the new iPECS 1000i Series handsets can help support any growing team.

Adopting a cloud model early in your business’ life cycle also means that cloud infrastructure can support you for years to come. This means your communications are hosted in a secure data center and are more resistant to downtime or any outages that would leave your office inaccessible.

Build a more constructive relationship with your provider

In the modern world of business, customers expect more from their providers. Technology is not a product that is paid for once and owned until it’s time to upgrade, it should be a service that continually evolves to suit its user. That is the model that cloud services provide.

Investing in a cloud communications service helps you to maintain a consistent dialogue with your communications provider. They can now support you with maintenance and aftercare services for years to come. This relationship also means that they understand your business and can provide access to useful features as soon as they are available.

The creation of this dialogue also means you can gain access reliable new communication solutions as soon as you need them. If the need for remote working arises, your supplier can provide solutions that can support your team from home, that still compliment your existing cloud infrastructure.

If you are interested and would like to bring benefits of a Cloud First Strategy to your business, speak to your nearest Ericsson-LG Enterprise Global Partner and find out more about iPECS Cloud.

Sourced from: Ericsson-LG Blog. View the original article here.

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