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Cloud-based solutions are an increasingly significant part of business worldwide. This reflects broader changes in working practices and a growing push toward digital transformation.

As the internet became integral to working life and Wi-Fi speeds increased, more and more tasks could be completed online. As cloud technology developed, these possibilities increased, giving users access to more storage space, apps, and computing power than ever before, with no specialized hardware required.

Cloud technology is only growing in popularity as flexible work becomes the norm. Hybrid work was already becoming more prevalent and the cloud is powering these changes. By making information and apps accessible from anywhere, it frees businesses from the office.

This blog is about cloud service management (CSM), and how our solutions fit within a broader cloud infrastructure.

What is cloud service management?

Cloud service management refers to the control, administration and organization of cloud products and services.

What are the benefits of the cloud?

Cloud technology brings many benefits to modern organizations. These are just some of them.


Traditionally, workplace ICT was on-premises only. This meant that the office was the only place staff could enjoy unrestricted access to the software, systems and information required to do their jobs. The cloud has changed that completely.

Cloud solutions are accessible on remote devices – users simply need to log in from a device, and they enjoy the same functionality as everybody in the office. This can power a hybrid working culture.


As businesses grow, scaling up infrastructure can be a dilemma. You may need to upgrade or replace hardware, which can be complex and expensive. The cloud removes these difficulties. You can simply add new users to existing platforms with the click of a mouse.

What this means is that your expansion plans will be helped, not hindered, by technology. Sometimes in business, you need to move fast. Cloud solutions make this possible. 

Reduced hardware costs

No hardware lasts forever. It has to be maintained, repaired, and eventually replaced. This is true of servers, phone systems, and any other hardware solution. The expense of this can be troublesome for any business, especially at a time like now, when inflation is a problem across the world. The costs of a surprise hardware malfunction can be severe.

With cloud-based “as-a-service” solutions, organizations can remove that risk. Maintenance and updates are all a part of the service. This can also be less expensive than upfront costs for hardware, which makes cloud technology attractive to startups.


Since all hardware becomes obsolete, it has to be replaced. Even if it lasts a long time, it might cease to be fit for purpose. Cloud-hosted solutions do not have this problem.

First, cloud services are constantly upgraded to meet new business needs. This allows them to evolve and develop new features. In addition, if a cloud services no longer meets your needs, it is easier to move to a new provider without the prohibitive upfront costs that hardware presents.


Collaboration is an increasingly valued work practice. It allows businesses to make use of the creativity and skills of their whole team, while also ensuring that workflows are not overly dependent on individual specialists.

With cloud technology, collaboration is made possible in even the most flexible workplace. Because workers can share information, apps and documents in real time from anywhere, this enables the highest standards of teamwork, wherever your team is based.  

How iPECS fits in a broader cloud infrastructure

At Ericsson-LG Enterprise, we saw the potential of cloud technology early, and worked to develop cloud-hosted communication solutions to realize the benefits we have described.

iPECS Cloud

iPECS Cloud takes all the power and features of a cutting-edge on-premise phone system and delivers them through the cloud. This includes call handling features that every business needs to remain professional. iPECS Cloud can be expanded upon with advanced handsets and a range of applications.

Communication is fundamental to the daily functioning of every business, regardless of every sector and size. It is how we connect with customers, clients, and colleagues. By making communication more efficient and simple, cloud communications brings productivity benefits to any organization.


iPECS ONE takes the flexibility of iPECS Cloud and multiplies it. It is a UC solution provided via an app, downloadable to any computer, tablet, or smartphone. This opens up immense new possibilities, because it gives any device the functionality of a high-powered terminal.

Users can click to dial, and enjoy the features of an enterprise-level contact center from anywhere, on any device. Better still, thanks to cutting-edge WebRTC technology, iPECS ONE is usable through a web browser, with no downloads required. This can be used to power the most flexible, agile working culture possible.

Add-ons and integrations

In addition to best-in-class UC solutions, iPECS provides add-ons and integrations that further power productivity. iPECS ONE and iPECS Cloud can integrate with all major CRMs. CRM-phone system integration takes efficiency to new levels. This means that for any incoming calls, your team will be able to view caller details, along with any notes you have on them. This allows your team to handle calls with confidence and efficiency, even if they are working remotely.

As well as CRM integration, iPECS Cloud supports a range of productivity-boosting apps that maximize performance. These include Call Recording, Auto-Attendant, and iPECS Analytics, that offers the insights you need to make the most of your resources.

Cloud-based solutions will be a core part of working life for years to come. This is why iPECS has developed a suite of solutions designed to bring the power of cloud to communications to sit within your broader CSM infrastructure. To find out more about iPECS Cloud, click here or speak to your nearest Ericsson-LG Enterprise Global Partner.

Sourced from: Ericsson-LG Blog. View the original article here.

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