Enhance your production workflow with Teams as a contribution source via SDI and with Isolated Audio

While the future of events continues to unfold, it’s clear that hybrid is defining how people connect and engage across virtual and in-person experiences. Whether it’s internal town halls, media broadcasts, large scale conferences, or online trainings, users around the world require a secure and dependable platform to deliver the event experience and bring audiences together.

Today, we are excited to announce new broadcasting capabilities for Microsoft Teams, including SDI output and isolated audio, both available today in public preview. We’re making it easy to bring guests into your production from around the world, all right within Teams.

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Hardware output for SDI and HDMI

We previously announced we partnered with two industry leaders in the video and audio market, AJA and Blackmagic Design, to provide hardware-out functionality with Microsoft Teams and select hardware devices. Microsoft Teams now offers the option to send a clean output of individual meeting participants out to select hardware devices at a stable resolution and framerate. When using supported devices from AJA and Blackmagic Design, their internal and external video cards will now be able to output these clean feeds over their SDI and/or HDMI outputs, allowing you to send the Teams video feed directly to your studio equipment.

To enable this feature, your IT admin will need to turn on local streaming for your meeting policy as described here: Broadcast meeting content. You’ll then need to turn on local streaming for your specific client within settings and under permissions, which will turn on both NDI and SDI capabilities.

The ability to send video to an AJA or Blackmagic Design hardware device is now available as a public preview to all Teams users.

Isolated audio feeds for NDI, SDI, and HDMI

We announced isolated audio feed capabilities last month and are excited to share it’s now available as a public preview to leverage within Microsoft Teams. As NDI and SDI are enabled, we’ve further enhanced the local broadcasting settings to now enable isolated audio for the feed. When available, only the audio of the speaker whose video feed is selected will be sent with that video. Broadcasters are now able to create their own custom mix with their existing studio equipment instead of the full mix of the meeting.

With the isolated audio feeds out to NDI or SDI, your studio engineer can now control the audio volumes of each speaker to create the perfect mix for your production by adjusting the volume, panning left/right or adding effects to boost that bass for radio voices.

We look forward to seeing how these new capabilities in Microsoft Teams will help broadcasters better connect and reach their customers and community around the world. To learn more or get started, check out these resources:

Sourced from: Microsoft Teams Blog. View the original article here.

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