Enghouse Interactive: Why integrate video as another interaction channel in the Contact Center?


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Without a doubt, the integration of video in the contact center has taken on great strength today. The situation of confinement unleashed by the COVID-19 has led to a notable increase in the use of video-conferencing tools. And Contact Centers are not far from this situation. This situation has changed operations. It has led many Customer Service Centres to adopt the remote working mode and user interactions have increased considerably. Thus, how to integrate another interaction channel such as video into the customer experience strategy is increasingly important.

In this way, the resource of the video has become a solution for developing a relationship of greater trust and closeness with customers. Well, it puts a face to a name, thus streamlining processes and increasing the degree of satisfaction and even user loyalty, generating a personalized customer experience and with great focus on the perception of the solution to the customer’s problem or issue, offering a better understanding of the products that are contracted, their functionalities and characteristics.

Face-to-face communication is applicable to all areas of the services provided by a Contact Center:

  • Customer service
  • Sales and Telemarketing
  • Recoveries
  • Meeting agendas
  • Retention and Loyalty Services
  • Technical support

Hence, the importance of having an omnichannel tool that allows offering a transversal and frictionless experience, and that also allows the integration with a robust solution of attention and support through video. In this way, better customer experience is achieved and processes are made more efficient.

Integration of Vidyo in Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Center solution

In short, video excites, convinces, and generates closeness and greater efficiency. This is why integrating a robust video tool to an all-channel solution has a direct impact on improving agent productivity margins.

Enghouse Interactive’s contact center solution now features integration to Vidyo, a real-time video tool that enables direct customer interactions.

The cohesion of both solutions is the optimal gear to achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and agility. This ensures direct and assertive communication with customers.

What services does this integration offer?

Chat to Video

The Chat to video service allows you to change the conversation to the video channel when the agent or the customer requests it. The agent can escalate the chat to a video conversation if the customer requests it or if the situation requires it due to the type of service.

  • Will provide an enhanced customer experience by offering a customized solution and experience
  • It will make it easier for customers to understand and get a better grasp of your product or service
Click to Video

Click to video service is a button on the company’s website, where the client has the option to enter into a video conference with an agent to attend his request. Some of the advantages it offers are:

  • Improved perception of the customer experience by feeling personalized attention
  • Improvement of brand image perception

Features and capacities of the Integration

Enghouse Interactive + Vidyo’s Contact Center solution is firmly positioned in segments such as finance (banking and insurance) and even in the health sector.

The benefits of a powerful video tool integrated with an all-channel solution are evident. It is the possibility to increase the FCR (First Call Resolution) rate, improve up and cross-selling, and, clearly, to personalize the customer experience.

More and more, users expect to receive information directly focused on solving their problems, which is agile and effective. In this scenario, the video plays a very important role. The audiovisual language allows us to increase the understanding and speed up the processes, which directly impacts the confidence and satisfaction of the customers.

If you want more information about the integration of Enghouse Interactive + Vidyo’s Contact Center solution, we invite you to get in touch to talk about your needs in a personalized way.

Sourced from: Enghouse Interactive. View the original article here.

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