Enghouse Interactive: [Webinar on-demand] UCaaS and CCaaS: How Convergence Drives and Disrupts Communications

Collaborative tools have been a great ally in both the professional and personal spheres in recent years, especially in 2020 and so far in 2021, because distancing and hybrid work modalities have led us to seek new ways to stay connected with others. However, for some companies, it is still difficult to maintain effective communication between employees and customers. Especially in contact centers, for several reasons:

1. They used to a work culture where presence in the office was almost mandatory to execute their activities.
2. Joint work between agents is almost non-existent.
3. Collaborative communication tools are not unified to the contact center solution.

By presenting these three weaknesses, companies end up affecting the achievement of their goals, the quality of customer experience, and even their revenues. In fact, in a study conducted by Metrigy, it was found that 61.9% of organizations that have chosen to implement a single solution for Unified Communications and their Contact Center, managed to increase their revenue by 52.8%, improved their overall Customer Experience (CX) ratings by 20% and, at the same time, optimized agent efficiency by 31.3%.

For this reason, Enghouse has created a Unified Communications tool (ENGHOUSE UC), which will help companies increase productivity through real-time team collaboration from any location.

What is ENGHOUSE UC all about?

It is our application to unify communications by chat, collaborative video, telephony and it can also be integrated into the contact center. With it, you get an omnichannel solution and an engaging user experience that allows you to keep your team connected and instantly find the right expert to provide a faster solution to customers.

The perfect tool for hybrid work systems

Locally or globally, location is no longer a constraint. With Enghouse UC you can see who is available, using their presence status. You can also identify their specific skills or expertise to better allocate cases and reduce customer response time.

In addition, the tool allows you to create internal workgroups to execute joint projects, follow-up activities, and collaboration between contact center agents and members of different areas of the company.

Other things you will achieve with our unified communications tool:

  • Increase agent efficiency and productivity.
  • Improve collaboration between employees and departments.
  • Enable the possibility of mobility and work remotely.
  • Enhance user experience and customer service.
  • Reduce costs – less administration and maintenance.

How and who benefits from implementing our Enghouse UC tool:

Agents and supervisors:

Increase their real-time communications. Both will interact more quickly when situations require it; while allowing instant feedback and coaching of agents to accelerate their skills development.

Agents and other employees:

Using presence indicators and chat, agents can instantly connect with available resources in all areas of the organization (accounts receivable, decision-makers) to quickly resolve customer issues the first time and seamlessly.


The use of interchangeable web chat, voice, document sharing, and even video chat ensures that customers and agents can communicate efficiently and effectively, minimizing wasted time and eliminating potential confusion.

Non-agent resources:

With Enghouse UC you extend the full conversation with non-agent resources across the organization (support staff, SMEs) to quickly resolve customer issues the first time, without unnecessary back and forth.

As you can see, there are many challenges for companies around effective connectivity, but having an integrated Unified Communications tool that can also be integrated with the contact center solution will undoubtedly bring great benefits. To discover all the details about it and watch our live demo presentation, download the webinar we conducted with experts such as Vince Mifsud, President of Enghouse Systems; Reuben Tozman, General Manager of Vidyo; Wayne Lee, Product Manager of Vidyo; and Robin Gareiss, CEO and Principal Research Analyst at Metrigy.

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