Enghouse Interactive: The importance of security in videoconferencing platforms

The arrival of Covid-19 brought with it the need to change our habits in all aspects of professional and personal activity. This also implied the immediate rise of video conferences. Not only for in-company communication but also between companies and consumers. Hence, the importance of security in videoconferencing platforms.

The use of video as a communication channel represents 87% of communication in teams working remotely. Since the beginning of the pandemic, its use has shot up more than 500% in the business world. And the non-professional environment has seen an increase of 2900%.

There are many different companies on the market that offer video conferencing solutions, and all of them generally work in an acceptable way. But just like all cars can take you from point A to point B, they do not do it the same way and with the same security.

Not everyone has maximum security in the video channel

In recent months we have read many headlines that mention the serious problems that some of the major video conferencing platforms have. As an example of these security flaws we have:

  • Video conference platforms where uninvited people enter the call without permission.
  • Intruders spreading images and recordings of private meetings.
  • Discovering passwords in a simple way that allows access to business meetings or virtual classes.
  • Virtual meetings via video without end-to-end encryption to ensure maximum security in the video channel.

All this means that no matter how useful these platforms are, the vulnerability to which many businesses, educational institutions, or hospitals are exposed to is severe.

Vidyo: maximum security in the video channel

Vidyo is a professional video platform that stands out for its commitment to security. The platform is flexible, robust, and offers the highest quality video and audio. But the most important thing about Vidyo is that it always offers maximum security in the video channel.

It is the most recommended platform for Telemedicine as it meets all requirements of the industry. In addition, it features the Vidyo Healthcare Cloud for increased security for the healthcare industry.

The possibility of an On-Prem deployment allows maximum security and privacy for, for example, banks, schools, or governments that want to have total control over their video solution.

The explosion in the use of video conferencing has led to it becoming one of the major players in the year 2020. Leading companies in each sector know the importance of security in operations and therefore they always bet on the most versatile platforms as well as flexible ones. Ah! And a video platform that is not secure enough generates losses of 34 billion USD per year. Therefore, betting on security is always the best option.

Sourced from: Enghouse Interactive. View the original article here.

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