Enghouse Interactive: 4 Keys to choosing an efficient software for telehealth

With this articleyou will know those functionalities that you should consider when acquiring efficient software for telehealth that optimizes the services of your health entity.  

The so-called “new reality” is here to stay and it has wreaked havoc in some sectors of the economy, but, in others, it has had a positive impact, as it has for the healthcare sector, which, according to data presented by TradingPlatforms.com, thanks to the implementation of software for telehealth, had an overall 30% increase in profits in 2020; in addition, virtual healthcare revenues are expected to reach $ 132.2 billion in 2021, and the entire industry will continue to grow to reach $ 177.5 billion by 2023.   

For such an increase in income in the sector to have occurred and to continue this way, healthcare entities must prioritize the acquisition of efficient technological tools that ensure the quality of the service they provide. That was confirmed by the All Valley Women’s Care medical center, whose implementation of Vidyo as software for telehealth allowed them to increase their team’s productivity by 20-30% and their users’ satisfaction by 40-50%.    

How to know which software for telehealth to choose?   

Choosing a technological solution for a company is not a decision easy to make. Several factors must be considered, especially when talking about virtual healthcare because it is not a new field, but it is now when it is booming. This was highlighted by César Morcillo, director of Sanitas Digital Hospital, “Today, more than 3,100 of all specialties have joined the video consultation, in addition to maintaining the physical consultation”.    

But don’t worry about it! We will tell you four key factors that you should consider when choosing an  efficient software for telehealth:    

1. Make sure you have excellent videoconferencing quality:   

Imagine you are in a virtual appointment with a patient who presents some dermatological disease. He tries to show you the lesions, but you only see his pixelated image; also, when he tries to explain it to you, his voice sounds robotic and cuts off. How are you going to offer him good virtual healthcare or even give a correct diagnosis if you can’t see him? That’s what we mean by the importance of excellent video conferencing quality.    

And patients are aware of this. A Nationwide study revealed, approximately 75% of people reported that they would not trust a diagnosis made via the internet. That is due to two factors: 1. They are still in the process of adapting to telehealth; and 2. They fear that communication with their doctors may not be the same because of the poor quality of videoconferencing.    

Fortunately, with Vidyo you don’t have to worry about it because the platform offers two unique features to solve  the problem:    

  • It has 4k video quality, which is the best resolution technology on the market.   
  • It always adapts to the bandwidth available. That means that it will optimize the quality of the video call. Even if you are using the most basic data plan, you will always have excellent video and audio clarity.    

2. You must ensure data security:   

Did you know that during the first few months of 2020, more than 500 healthcare entities reported theft or breach of their patients’ data, thus leaving more than 23.5 billion people affected? That was what the Horizon 2021 Report exposed. This statistic alerts the general public.    

The most worrying aspect of this case is that the same technology providers of healthcare entities were involved in most of these cybersecurity breaches, and hacking was the main reason for the infractions. That’s why people often say that “data is the oil of the 21st century”.  

With this scenario, it is not easy to trust software for telehealth providers. However, there is a video platform extremely secure. Even the highest echelons of the U.S. Government make use of it. And yes, we are referring to Vidyo.   

One of the main features of this platform is security. Patient data is not stored, and connections are established with End-to-End encryption, to guarantee absolute privacy of communications.    

Another point in Vidyo’s favor is that it adapts to customers’ security systems and complies with all data protection regulations.   

3.It should be a must to use for all users (doctors and patients):

If medicine is a fundamental right for every human being, why can’t telemedicine be the same way? This service available to everyone, but not everyone can make use of it easily. In other words, it is not the same for a young person to download an app to attend a virtual healthcare session as it is for an older adult who, in many cases, barely knows how to handle the elementary functions of his smartphone or computer.    

80% of telehealth appointments are concentrated in the 25 to 55-year old population, according to Aegon’s healthcare director: “We understand that it is because younger people go to the doctor for a very different dynamic and those over 55 are resistant to the technological gap.”    

For this reason, the software for telehealth you choose must be easy to use, such as Vidyo, which has an interface that is intuitive enough so that anyone, regardless of age, can use it from any device, whether mobile or web, even if they do not have the app downloaded, due to it works with WebRTC, a technology that allows real-time communication without plug-ins.    

4. Analyze implementation costs

Budget plays a key role when choosing any software, not just for telehealth. The solution you choose must be  tailored to your needs, both: operational and prices.  

With Vidyo you get several implementation options, depending on your needs:  

  • The first option is the service hosted in the cloud, with which you will significantly reduce implementation costs since it requires fewer resources 
  • The second option is On-Premise, and everything is installed on your computers.  
  • The third option is a mixture of the two environments mentioned above.  

As you can see, with Vidyo you have it all. That’s why it is the platform that telehealth experts choose Oh! And just so you know, it’s also the go-to choice for contact center solutions.  

If you want to know more about how to effectively implement your virtual health service and what the characteristics should be that you must consider acquiring efficient software for telehealth, click on the button. 

Sourced from: Enghouse Interactive. View the original article here.

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