Enable core Microsoft Teams calling functionality on compatible legacy SIP phones with SIP Gateway

While Microsoft Teams phone devices provide the richest and most complete Teams experience, we understand that there are many customers with existing investments in legacy devices. To help customers leverage their existing legacy telephony hardware as they move to Teams Phone, we are excited to announce that SIP Gateway, a solution that enables core Teams calling functionality on compatible SIP phone models from Cisco, Poly, Yealink and AudioCodes is now generally available.

thumbnail image 1 captioned Cisco IP Phones with MPP firmware (6821, 7800 series, 8800 series), Polycom SIP phones (VVX series 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 etc.), Yealink (T20 series, T30 series, T40 series, T50 series), AudioCodes 400 HD series.Cisco IP Phones with MPP firmware (6821, 7800 series, 8800 series), Polycom SIP phones (VVX series 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 etc.), Yealink (T20 series, T30 series, T40 series, T50 series), AudioCodes 400 HD series.

Currently, SIP Gateway supports the following core Teams calling functionality

  • Inbound and outbound calls
  • Call transfer
  • Meeting dial-in and dial-out
  • Device-based “do not disturb”
  • Voicemail with message waiting indicator

There is no additional cost for organizations to use SIP Gateway, and any users meeting the following requirements can use SIP Gateway

  • Users must be licensed for Teams Phone (via Office 365 E5, Microsoft 365 E5 or a standalone license)
  • PSTN enablement (i.e., phone number assigned) via a Microsoft Teams Calling Plan, Direct Routing, or Operator Connect
  • Common area devices require a Common Area Phone license

Follow the steps below to enable and manage SIP Gateway

  • Turn on SIP devices can be used for calls calling policy in Teams admin center and go to SIP devices under Teams devices to manage your SIP phones connected to Teams
  • Reset devices to factory settings and point them to SIP Gateway provisioning server
  • Ensure that your firewall is open to traffic from Microsoft 365 and Teams
  • Ensure that SIP devices are not behind a proxy
  • Open UDP ports 49152 to 53247, and TCP port 5061 for IP range to
  • Onboarded SIP devices are visible in Teams admin center SIP devices tab after first sign-in

Teams support for third-party IP (3PIP) phones will continue beyond 2023

Customers who use Skype for Business phones to sign into Teams via 3PIP Gateway will be able to do so beyond 2023. However, no new investments are planned for 3PIP Gateway, and 3PIP phones will be enabled via SIP Gateway after 3PIP Gateway end of life. No additional setup is needed for core functionality such as authentication, calling, calendar and presence, and meetings, using 3PIP phones.

Upgrade to Teams phone devices

While SIP Gateway and 3PIP Gateway provide valuable flexibility for organizations with legacy SIP phone investments, Teams phone devices provide the most complete Teams experience. Upgrade to Teams phone devices today!

Sourced from: Microsoft Teams Blog. View the original article here.

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