Customer Experience Strategies in Banking: What’s Trending

Successful financial institutions are on a never-ending quest to improve their customer experience. Leaders at these institutions know that continuously raising the bar on customer expectations and interactions can drive their business metrics in the right direction — and give them a competitive edge.

A subset of digital transformation, CX transformation leverages technology to improve customer and/or agent experience, driving measurable business success. Though major CX transformation projects typically come to an end at some point, the ability to transform at a moment’s notice must be embedded in the company’s culture to improve the odds of success.

More than half of companies of all types are seeking to transform their customer experience in 2022: Already this year, 27.2% of organizations have completed a CX transformation initiative or have one underway, and another 25.3% are planning to do so, according to a new Customer Experience Transformation study of 724 companies in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, conducted by Metrigy, a research and strategic advisory firm.

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Sourced from: Metrigy Blog. View the original article here.

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