CounterPath: The Best VoIP Call Recording Software of 2020

Ensuring that customer calls, or even team meeting VoIP calls are properly and securely recorded may be essential to improving customer service or optimizing internal communications. Today we discuss what a VoIP call recording software is, and selecting the best one for your business.

What is VoIP Call Recording Software?

VoIP call recording software is like traditional call recording software in that it allows companies to document employee interactions with customers or in team meetings. It allows businesses or individuals to actively record and save all of their VoIP phone calls.

Recording and saving these VoIP phone calls may allow users to gather insight, use recordings for training and testing purposes, or to review in auditing. For example, in a contact center, VoIP call recordings may be used for clarification, training or additional assistance. It allows companies to improve on existing customer service, or efficiencies in team communications.

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How Does VoIP Call Recording Software Work?

VoIP call recording is done with any complex or custom VoIP solutions. Depending on the existing communications infrastructure, the solution or vendor your organization chooses, how the call recordings work may differ. For example, some software are able to detect VoIP voice data packets as they go through a network. The software then records then and saves the conversation.

What To Look For In The Best VoIP Call Recording Software

Typically, VoIP call recording tools can provide users with more uses than just recording calls. Integration with other features is what can optimize a company’s communication processes.  So what are some of the other features you should be looking for?

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Call Analytics

Monitoring usage and improving voice quality metrics is one of the most important things when running a call center or managing customer support calls. Furthermore, having access to data like number of calls over Wi-Fi vs. 3G vs. 4G, over which devices, operating systems can help you learn more about your customers.

Having insight isn’t just for later evaluation either, monitoring and analyzing usage in real time helps with remotely troubleshooting end user issues too.


While older solutions may rely on independent dashboards, storage and recording, cloud-based VoIP software should be able to offer centralized management. From initial configuration to ongoing management and updates, all your tools can now be in one place. For example, with Bria’s administrator portal, there’s no more device-by-device set-up. All your settings will be input in the cloud and provisioned down when your users sign-in. Users, billing, analytics are all in one platform.

Advanced Security, Encryption & MDM

Advanced security is essential for any cloud-based UC solution. You need to make sure that your vendor ensures privacy and data security, encrypting communications between your call platform or VoIP server and the application itself. The use of Secure Real-time Transport Protocols also provides confidentiality, message authentication, and replay protection to audio and video media streams.

Exclusive to Bria Enterprise – MDM, or Mobile Device Management compatibility ensures an extra layer of security with the ability to lock or remotely wipe containers with supported MDM frameworks on employee’s devices.


Choosing The Best VoIP Call Recording Software of 2020

Even if your teams do not call customers regularly, VoIP call recordings may help teams review important meeting information or stay on task. You can prevent disputes or information loss easily. As VoIP call recording has become essential features in most UC solutions, be sure to utilize it in your management tools.

At CounterPath, we understand that communication remains the heart of every business, particularly with remote working on the rise. As a result, we are empowering businesses of all sizes with Enterprise Unified Communications solutions:


Bria Teams: For internal teams or small businesses, start communicating quickly with team voice, video and messaging.

Bria converges calling, messaging, presence and collaboration tools into one secure, streamlined interface. The powerful tools in Bria softphones make it easy to discover and connect with team members using a variety of features in a contact-centric interface. All the core features are included along with call recording: messaging, presence, HD voice and video calling, PBX integration, as well as screen sharing and file sharing.

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Bria Enterprise: For call centers or small to mid-sized enterprises, Bria Enterprise supports HD voice and video calling with any call server or VoIP provider.

White-Label Solutions: Create a custom, branded solution for 200+ users.


All our solutions are scalable, secure and cost effective. By switching or augmenting your current communication system to include VoIP, organizations can realize immediate benefits including real-time collaboration and cost savings.

Interested in learning more about our Enterprise Unified Communications solutions? Contact our team today for details.

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