Business Intelligence to improve contact center performance

Contact centers generate and store a large volume of data, making it difficult to extract valuable information that can make a difference in customer relations and operations. That’s why Business Intelligence (BI) software has become a handy tool for many companies in a variety of different markets.

BI allows organizations to gain an edge in their industry with access to a wealth of revealing data without hiring additional staff or sacrificing efficiency. For example, instead of spending effort collecting and organizing information from spreadsheets, BI technology provides contact center managers with a fully integrated and automated tool to efficiently present information on specific metrics such as agent performance, team efficiency, company profitability, and more.

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Here’s how to leverage Business Intelligence to improve contact center performance

1. Rethink your KPIs, and make them more qualitative!

It is common for contact center metrics to focus on cost reduction by measuring “occupancy rates” and “agent call handling efficiency”. The data used to measure them turned them into largely punitive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), directly discouraging agents from trying to create a more rewarding customer experience.

For example: In an effort to increase the number of calls an agent can process, it is common to measure “average handle time”. However, a KPI like this often does more harm than good, as it promotes an “in and out” mentality among Agents striving to meet aggressive call handling time targets. While this type of quantitative KPI is used with the intention of promoting efficiency, it sometimes achieves the opposite: a higher number of unresolved inquiries and countless repeat customer calls.

Purely quantitative metrics, such as those above, reflect a mindset that continues to define contact centers as “pure cost centers”. Therefore, you should take into account KPIs such as “First Call Resolutions” in which you measure whether the agent solved the customer’s problem on the first call. This improves performance and ensures customer satisfaction.

2. Turn data into critical business intelligence

Your contact center contains reams of useful data compiled from countless customer interactions. Individually, these statistics and feedback data can only paint a snapshot of the whole picture. But taken as a whole, they are a treasure trove of potential insights into customer trends and behavior patterns, possible product defects, needed service improvements, and even new market opportunities to conquer a hitherto unexplored customer niche.

Unfortunately, this data is understandable at a glance. It takes the right data aggregation, analysis and reporting tools to turn it into meaningful business intelligence.

For example, a large insurance company was able to leverage its contact center data to identify a direct relationship between weather and call volume and duration. It found that every time a storm system generated 4 or more inches of snow or heavy rain for more than 45 minutes, its contact center received 6% more calls, with 10% more average call time. Identifying this trend early allowed the company to be properly prepared for the next storm with a better staffed contact center.

Enghouse Business Intelligence to improve Contact Center performance

Enghouse Interactive’s Business Intelligence tool, compiles all the information in an interactive and visual dashboard, which allows to know the users and predict their behavior, facilitating decision making and increasing business opportunities.

The “drag & drop” data models, together with in-chip technology, allow immediate answers to the queries raised. Navigating through the data collected by all Enghouse solutions, and presenting it in interactive dashboards that can be shared across the organization.

Benefits of Enghouse BI

  • Standardizes information on multi-product and multi-module IO installations.
  • Delivers a valuable experience.
  • No need to know SQL or involve the IT department.
  • Freedom to access the data detail you need. Not limited by static reports.
  • Data export can be imported into other applications.
  • Control over monitoring.
  • Ability to share dashboard and results with third parties, allowing collaboration.
  • Answers complex questions in seconds: “Trend of sales by product in outbound campaigns during the last year by quarter, through calls made to cell phones and by age of agents”.

Dê uma olhada no kit de ferramentas BI da Enghouse

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Sourced from: Enghouse Interactive. View the original article here.

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