Sangoma: A Video Meeting Service Should Be Tightly Integrated with Your UCaaS Platform

As many of you know, at Sangoma, we have our own video meeting platform called Sangoma Meet. We launched this right around when the pandemic first happened two years ago. And this is integrated well with our UC clients for our UC platforms, Switchvox, PBXact, and Business Voice. You can make a video call outright or context switch from voice and/or text to a video call when using those clients. Or you can set up a meeting, and in the meeting invite, choose to have it occur over Sangoma Meet. It has all the business features you would need – screen sharing, multi-platform support, security settings, easy recording, and, like I said, it’s easy to create meeting invites. We’ll also soon have annotation and live streaming.

As you may expect, we at Sangoma use it all the time. I’m on it quite a bit. It’s not just “us” using it, though. It’s getting excellent traction out there as a business alternative to Zoom. Last month, in March, we had over 20% growth in users from just a few months ago, with a similar increase in minutes. While our minutes and users are not at the Zoom level, the usage growth shows us our platform is a good business platform. Our customers know this can work for their business needs, and our partners know it too.

The reason I was reminded to write this blog is really because of NetFortris. We just picked up a whole new bunch of colleagues, who use Zoom all the time, the way we at Sangoma use Sangoma Meet. And we’re doing calls with the NetFortris, a Sangoma Company employees now on Sangoma Meet all the time. So, think of them as a typical company. And they just switched to Sangoma Meet seamlessly.

It is nice being on calls getting comments like “This works great, I love it”, “This is really solid”, “The picture quality is great”, “It was straightforward to create a meeting”. Comments like that reminded me that we don’t just have a video meeting platform anymore. We have a really good video meeting platform now.

So, if you’re looking for a UCaaS system and don’t feel compelled to use Zoom, you don’t have to. Just come to Sangoma.

Sourced from: Sangoma. View the original article here.

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