A Day in the Life of Switchvox [Video]

When you experience a day in the life of Switchvox, you understand how Unified Communications (UC) connects your workplace like never before. Switchvox unifies your business with your employees and customers. Using Switchvox’s powerful communications tools throughout your day makes you…a Switchvox pro!

Why Unified Communications?

Today’s modern business phone system is more than office extensions and employees fielding incoming customer calls. Companies look for Unified Communications solutions to effectively manage their business communications.  

UC integrates enterprise communications services and tools and provides a more effective user experience. Think of your business phones, instant messaging, and presence technology all working together seamlessly. Now think bigger. Imagine dozens of applications all working together, connecting your business, your employees, and your customers around the clock.  That is Unified Communications.

How Switchvox Can Benefit Your Organization

A Switchvox UC solution connects your workforce with multiple applications from a single turnkey solution. These applications include mobility options, call center capabilities, queue monitoring and management, conferencing, reporting, IVRs, alerts, and notifications.

Receptionists and office administrators alike enjoy the intuitive browser-based interface of the Switchvox Switchboard because Switchvox connects and informs. From the moment your coworkers arrive at the office or remote locations, you’ll know their status and if they’re available or busy. They even have the option to post a customized message.

Whether your incoming calls are from new customers or valued clients, powerful UC features help provide a seamless interaction from the instant they call to the moment they leave. Routing a call to the correct party is as easy as a drag-and-drop transfer.   

The Switchboard Queues widget allows for multiple queues that can be easily managed in single or multiple panels. Add the dedicated Wallboard widget, and you have the ability to monitor call queue statistics in an easy-to-read location. Now that’s using UC like a Switchvox Pro!

Most importantly, Switchvox integrates with business applications such as Salesforce.com, Zendesk, and Outlook. And that is just the beginning.

One of the many features that set Switchvox apart from other UC offerings is mobility.  The Switchvox Softphone app brings the power of your IP phone to your desktop, laptop, and mobile device! You can send and receive calls from anywhere as if you were at your office. Make extension to extension calls and utilize advanced Call Control options, such as transfers, 3-way calling, and more. You also have the ability to set your status and view the status of others.

See Switchvox in Action

Switchvox has so much to offer! Switchvox’s powerful Unified Communications solution is available on-premise, virtualized, or hosted in the Cloud. Learn how you can become a Switchvox pro by signing up for your free demo today!

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