8 significant benefits of fibre internet for business

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A fibre-optic Internet connection can without any doubt deliver significant benefits whatever your business operation. Online business tools, including cloud storage and backup, virtual phone systems and video conference calls, among others, will be easier when an Internet connection is fast, strong, and reliable.

Since the technology is relatively new, it is important to consider its multiple business benefits when considering a switch-over to fibre Internet.

  1. Fibre Internet is fast

Fibre optic Internet is deemed the fastest in broadband technology, and is much faster than legacy copper connections. Because fibre Internet disseminates data as light pulses, information is transmitted at higher speeds consistently, meaning that even at peak Internet-use times, you shouldn’t experience delays in transfer. According to a recent research report, it was found that employees waste one week per year waiting for their Internet connections to respond. That amounts to an astounding 50 days or more loss of productivity for ten employees per year.

  1. Fibre Internet is reliable

Unplanned downtime may cause productivity losses and result in missed opportunities, aggrieved or lost customers, or the inability to deliver a service. Fibre Internet is the ideal solution.

In comparison to copper, fibre-optics are stronger, meaning a fibre Internet connection is far more reliable. There is little interference due to extreme weather conditions, which can prevent data transmission through copper cabling. Unless deliberately cut, fibre is hardy and is resistant to electrical and human interference.

  1. Fibre Internet emits a stronger signal

Businesses with facilities that cover large flour areas with employees dispersed in more distant spaces, a strong signal is crucial. With traditional broadband Internet using either DSL or Ethernet over cable, moving away from a switch, will result in weaker signals. Fibre-optic Internet delivers a much stronger signal since it does not degrade as quickly as traditional broadband Internet connections do.

  1. Fibre Internet is ideal for cloud-based apps

Upgrading to fibre-optic Internet means fewer delays, faster access to critical data, more secure cloud storage of sensitive data, and faster communication. Switching to fibre is a means of future-proofing your business. Organisations increasingly use cloud computing in some capacity or other which necessitates upgrading to fibre-optic Internet to increase the speed and reliability of cloud-based apps.

  1. Fibre Internet increases bandwidth

With the arrival of big data analytics, businesses need high-volume data transmission, and accordingly, fibre is a must. The bandwidth fibre-optic connections for business is significantly higher, and as demands  may strain network, speeds will not be slow and data caps will not be reached as quickly. For businesses that utilise streaming high definition video and VoIP, and do file sharing and collaboration, fibre is indispensable.

  1. Fibre Internet eliminates latency issues

There is more to an Internet connection’s speed than just its bandwidth. Latency may be an issue with all Internet connections and networks. Wired network connections is a term used to describe delays that take place while data is processed over an Internet connection. Latency issues are experienced when your VoIP system breaks up or you struggle to download and upload large files. A fibre-optic Internet connection will assist in higher voice quality for VoIP users, less disruptive downloads of large files, ease of collaboration between employees via file sharing and cloud-based apps, and the capacity to move more apps to the cloud.

  1. Fibre Internet improves security

Through cable taping, hackers and other malicious thieves gain access to business cable Internet connections. In contrast, the only way to penetrate fibre Internet is to physically cut the fibres which makes fibre Internet an optimum way to improve your business’s online security. Additionally, a fibre network makes it possible for CCTV cameras to be placed throughout your business premises, which can play a significant role in improving the overall security in the areas they cover.

  1. Fibre Internet will save you money

Despite investing in the initial setup of fibre-optic Internet, and a slightly higher monthly fee, considering the substantial improvements in speed, reliability, and security, businesses will save money in the long run.

‘Time is money’ and with the loss of productivity through slow connections, fibre-optic Internet offers a solution to increased productivity and saving money. Money is also to be saved by less downtime due to poor weather and erosion to plain copper theft. With fibre-optic Internet, you will experience less frequent network outages and the resultant data losses.

Your customers and staff are often at the receiving end of constant network interruptions resulting in loss of support and low staff morale – all potential money draining symptoms. Fast, sufficient and continuation interaction between stakeholders and employees will reap benefits in terms of both brand loyalty and cost efficiency. Having a reliable and secure fibre-optic Internet connection provide improved systems and empowerment of your staff because the flexibility and scalability of fibre-optic Internet will allow access to new cloud-based money-saving apps and tools.

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