Avoxi: 7 Reasons to Consolidate Your Business Phone Numbers

Growth is a widely targeted objective for international businesses around the world. When your product or service is successful, establishing new points of presence opens the door for more revenue opportunities and continued growth. Making sure your business operations and communications infrastructure reflect these changes is essential. As communications expand, likely so does your number portfolio. 

Shortlisting new carriers, adding lines, and rerouting call flows can be challenging for IT departments using outdated and manual tools like spreadsheets to track their numbers and extensions. Managing massive inventory from vendors and carriers with time-consuming resources takes the focus away from optimizing network systems for the customer experience.

With phone number management software, businesses can simplify their inventory tasks and unify their communications environments in a single interface. In this article, we’ll explore several reasons why consolidating your business phone numbers should be a top priority for the growth of your business.

1. Move to the cloud for advantageous benefits

The global pandemic propelled the movement for more modernization among business tech stacks. While legacy infrastructure has brought success for global companies over the years, taking a modern approach to re-platforming on-prems and calling features helps extend its functionality and create new opportunities that better align with current business needs without losing brand identity.

The benefits of moving your communications to the cloud speak for themselves. They are:

  • Performance. Consistent uptime reliability, monitor and manage carriers, routes and error codes capabilities ensure optimal network performance and global call delivery.
  • Reduced Costs. Seamlessly port, configure and manage thousands of numbers on a single platform with competitive rates from 50+ Tier 1 carriers – or bring your own! No equipment or maintenance costs.
  • Efficiency. Improve operational efficiency with automatic workflow applications and flexible voice APIs to access caller details and global number inventory quickly in real-time.

It’s easier than ever to move your communications to the cloud. You don’t need to replace an entire system to reap the rewards. Rather, start by creating a migration services plan and transition it as your needs evolve.

AVOXI Centralized Numbers Dashboard

2. Get one point-of-contact to manage all of your numbers

Companies in multiple locations are likely juggling several network carriers and vendor contracts at once to keep their call centers moving. When you need assistance with your account, how long does it take you to locate your point of contact, reach out and get your inquiry resolved?

A communications platform provider simplifies everything for inventory management. It’s one account for your entire portfolio – even outside carriers – one account manager, and one dashboard to add, move, and change numbers as you need to.

3. Redirect calls quickly and ensure business continuity

So much labor and time can be spent maintaining call flows within an organization when you’re stuck cross-referencing documentation to ensure compatibility among providers. But what if you need to forward calls on the fly? That might not be so quickly achieved without cloud-native integration.

With a call forwarding platform, you can easily adjust routing from your dashboard in just a few clicks. What’s more – businesses with a continuity plan can use this functionality to quickly apply new routes in a time of crisis, redirecting inbound calls to another location so no call goes unanswered.

An intuitive setup offers a holistic view of your call flow map, empowering businesses to divert their lines where needed while managing their comprehensive number portfolio in a centralized system.

4. Get more control of your VoIP costs

Traditional line costs can fluctuate based on demand, economic conditions, locations, materials – you name it. The more lines you need, the more costly it becomes.

Consolidating your business numbers in one place offers businesses more insight into usage and control over billing. With a reputable provider fueling every aspect of your communications, companies can easily reduce ownership costs, enjoy competitive rates, and flexible billing solutions that scale with volume output.

5. Monitor call quality in real-time to improve the customer experience

80% of customers agree that the experience is equally important as the product or service they purchased. How are you measuring the success of your sales and support teams’ productive conversations and exceeding customer expectations?

By establishing QoS technologies for your VoIP calls, that’s how. You can easily assure your voice quality is clear and in top condition to deliver calls seamlessly without distressing network issues like latency, jitter, and packet loss.

Not to mention, voice quality metrics like MOS scores add greater visibility into the integrity of your system – ensuring agents can continue their productive conversations without risk of business disruption.

AVOXI Call Insights Dashboard

6. Deliver trackable numbers for your broader teams

Communications software with robust integrations empowers brands to track their customer and lead engagement in real-time, on the channels their audience uses most: social media, mobile, email, chat, and phone.

Even in a remote work setting, businesses can analyze number-assigned campaigns that achieve the greatest ROI. Call tracking software makes this happen, allowing your sales teams to answer calls sourced from trackable phone numbers assigned to specific adverts.

With extensive campaigns and advertising, you’re going to need to obtain more numbers. Easily provision, configure, and inventory these numbers with a reputable number management tool – one that can easily SIP connect to your preferred voice environment.

7. Diversify and expand into new markets for growth

When you expand into new markets, you need a reliable communications provider that has the tools, voice coverage, and quick setup to get your teams started right away.

A dynamic, single-sourced platform with flexible communications, automation features, and a solid inventory of fast-activation numbers is one to consider so you can better manage your business phone services all in one place.

Eliminate Multi-Vendor Number Mapping Frustration on the Cloud

When searching for a number management solution, a diverse catalog of local and international business numbers, SIP connectivity for extended global reach, and a reliable cloud-backed network is the key to keeping your business moving. AVOXI is one of those providers.

Centralize, configure, and analyze all of your phone numbers from a secure cloud platform, eliminating frustration caused by time-consuming number mapping spreadsheets. Here are the virtual numbers you can come to expect.

  • Local DIDs: Establish a local presence and forward calls globally without charging callers long-distance fees.
  • International Toll Free: Allows worldwide callers to reach your business without being charged.
  • Domestic Toll Free: In-country-specific numbers that are free to the caller.
  • UIFN: A UIFN (universal international freephone number) is a type of toll free number that can be dialed from multiple countries.
  • Mobile Numbers: In-country numbers that aren’t specific to a city or region and can be SMS enabled.
  • TrueLocalTM: PSTN replacement providing local two-way voice with guaranteed local caller ID.

Managing Global Phone Numbers at AVOXI

With the customer experience vital to the success of your customer-facing call center teams, a resilient and flexible communications platform, coupled with intuitive features for effective inventory number consolidation, can help improve efficiencies and accelerate growth.

Modernizing your communications infrastructure with a long-standing solution is critical in today’s business environment. If you’re ready to simplify the phone number management process and centralize your communications onto one platform, then AVOXI is it. The reasons why so many organizations trust AVOXI as their phone number management software provider include: 

  • Scalable API Toolkit. Take advantage of low-code, no-code APIs to scale your services. Automate the provisioning and configuration of new numbers with voice APIs.
  • International Porting Expertise. Our world-class porting team makes it easy to transfer numbers from 100+ countries – or you can start right away in our online shopping cart and earn a free month of calls!
  • Competitive Rates & Superior Voice Quality. Market-leading rates and detailed call quality metrics shape and improve your bottom line.
  • MS Teams Direct Routing. Ensure the phone numbers in your portfolio are getting routed to the appropriate technologies, including MS Teams.
  • Outbound CLI + Local VoIP Termination. Establish a local market presence and get more customer engagement with 2-way voice service in over 80 countries.

Sourced from: Avoxi. View the original article here.

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