6 UCaaS customer objections and how to counter them

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is not just for big business and enterprises. Small businesses can benefit just as much, if not more, since they have fewer resources for building and managing an integrated calling, data and collaboration infrastructure.

But some companies remain reluctant to adopt managed UC services. Much of this stems from misconceptions that surround the world of cloud communications. By educating end-users and dispelling common myths, partners can unlock more opportunities from a wider range of customers. Here are some of the common misconceptions and how to counter them.

Myth #1: UCaaS is new and unproven

Reality: UCaaS has been around for years and is just the next step in the evolution of business communications, from traditional onsite phone systems to VoIP and Unified Communications. As the technology advances and costs come down, businesses the world over are recognising the benefits and implementing the technology into their everyday business functions.

Myth #2: UCaaS is the same as traditional voice solutions

Reality: Many legacy on-premises systems have essential desk phone functions, but they don’t have a softphone through to a mobile app or web portal. These allow users to do anything they can do on the desk phone on their mobile phone or PC, increasing mobility and the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere. UCaaS improves, enhances and facilitates better connectivity, access to information and end-to-end solutions.

Myth #3: If it isn’t broken, why fix it?

Reality: Ongoing upgrades, maintenance and new equipment costs associated with legacy systems will eventually outstrip the cost of switching to a cloud solution. Even if the costs are the same or lower, users can’t ignore the benefits of supporting their workforce with features, flexibility and mobility. The modern workplace needs a solution that can connect and serve dispersed premises, a mobile workforce, remote workers, call centre support and more.

Myth #4: UCaaS is expensive

Reality: Unlike on-premises solutions, UCaaS does not require a large upfront capital investment. The solution is hosted in the cloud so there is no equipment to buy, install and maintain onsite, except for desk phones. The provider takes care of the capital expense of hardware, upgrades and maintenance and customers pay a predictable monthly price for UCaaS service.

Myth #5: UCaaS is complex and complicated to install

Reality: Switching to UCaaS is not difficult. It’s a turnkey transition with minimal ongoing IT support. The provider handles most of the heavy lifting. Maintaining the service used to require time, expense and dedicated resource, but with a hosted solution, that’s all taken care of. And end-users can quickly scale the service with no new capital equipment required.

Myth #6 UCaaS audio quality is poor

Reality: Hosted voice for business on an enterprise-grade platform has incredible quality. And because it is cloud based, providers monitor quality, correcting potential issues before it is compromised. A decade ago, consumer-grade VoIP was an issue, but those days are long gone. Crystal-clear audio UCaaS solutions make it easy to connect people all over the world.

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