Westcon-Comstor: 5 key IT trends every partner needs to know in APAC in 2022

The past 12 months have been a tumultuous time for the IT channel, with vendors adapting their strategic focus to address new areas of growth and capitalise on a radically different customer landscape.

This means that 2022 will be a challenging – but hugely rewarding – year for channel partners who can see the opportunity against a backdrop of ongoing supply chain disruption, technology transformation and evolving customer expectations.

In our new 2022 Channel Trends Report, we’ve taken a deep dive into the key strategic areas that are set to transform the way we all do business in 2022 and beyond.

1. Hybrid is here to stay

What many expected was a temporary precaution at the start of the pandemic is now ingrained in the way businesses operate. To capitalise on this opportunity, the channel needs to live up to its “consultative” reputation to really understand what customers need from their IT.

Albert Tan - Senior Regional Director

“Now we know the shift is not just a short-term fix, we can deliver hybrid working by design rather than necessity, enabled by technology.” Albert Tan, Senior Regional Director, Comstor ASEAN

2. Flexibility is key to cybersecurity

This year, meeting the demands of a changing market is key for cybersecurity success. From secure home working to 5G, marketplaces and managed services, the flexibility and agility of our partners will help vendors capitalise on these targets – or risk being left behind.

Sam Chng

Download our 2022 Trends report to learn more about emerging cybersecurity risks and solutions from Sam Chng, Senior Regional Director, ASEAN

3. Sustainability needs actions, not words

Thinking on a macro level and understanding how we all interact with and impact our natural environment is increasingly important for businesses in 2022.

John Astuy

“You can no longer hide behind woolly pledges or greenwashing to meet the minimum requirement when it comes to sustainability” John Astuy, Senior Director, Operations, APAC

4. Solution lifecycle management will become embedded

The way that people buy their technology has changed. This is more than transformational – it’s disrupting the way the channel operates, engages and transacts. This shift is an opportunity for the channel in 2022, and we are already seeing significant demand and adoption of Solution Lifecycle Management (SLM).

Melita Brooke

“There has been a significant shift from traditional IT to SaaS and subscription-based consumption, allowing businesses to really see where their IT investment is going and allow smarter planning for future spend.” Melita Brooke, Renewals Director – APAC

5. Managed services will fuel growth

Managed services are rapidly displacing traditional resale as the way partners profit in the channel. Now is a good time for traditional resellers to lay the groundwork and prepare themselves for the high-growth opportunities ahead.

Patrick Aronson - Chief Marketing Officer - Westcon Comstor

“Managed services continue to be the fastest growing business model and are rapidly displacing traditional resale as the way channel partners profit in the channel.” Patrick Aronson, Chief Marketing Officer

Are you ready for what’s next? Download your 2022 Channel Trends Report now for more in-depth insight into the trends that will shape the channel in 2022 and beyond.

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