The Link Between Economic Disruption and Business Connectivity

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What do Netflix, Skype and Wikipedia have in common? 

These are excellent examples of economic disruptors which have all but eliminated their predecessors in business terms. Interesting, but what does this have to do with business connectivity?

Bear with us while we explore the link between economic disruptors and business connectivity as it affects us in this somewhat apocalyptic time.

The Good News About Disruption

History tells us that the period following times of disaster or upheaval has proven to be some of the most fascinatingly innovative. The saying “necessity is the mother of invention” proves true time and again. 

On a global scale (such as post WW1 and WW2) people found new ways to do business to make a living.

Back in 2015, Peter Gratzke of the World Economic Forum said, “Disruptive innovation is a critical driver of progress. A cursory look at the past century reveals countless examples: automobiles replaced horse carriages, telephony supplanted telegraphy, email made fax machines obsolete. Life is mostly better for those transitions to superior technologies.

“The most recent wave of disruption is driven by digital technology. “Software is eating the world,” as Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape and venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, famously observed, and no incumbent in any industry is safe. In the last decade alone, we’ve changed the way we communicate and connect with people, how we consume all types of media, how we shop and how we travel, to name just a few. These innovations are collectively so pervasive that it’s easy to forget how we lived before them.”

And there lies the link between disruption and business connectivity.

The Right Business Connectivity 

You have a website; you have a fast internet connection and you have Cloud-based applications. So, you’re sorted, right?

Well, there’s being connected and there’s… being connected. 

The fact is, we have no idea how the business world is going to exit the current COVID-19 crisis. 

We at Huge Connect feel strongly that we are going to rely heavily on our business connectivity solution to get us through the unprecedented times ahead. 

How so?

Consider this:

  • In the history of the world, we have never been more connected. Millions of people per year are coming online via cheap smartphones and interacting with the global economy.
  • Technology is swarming into spaces where it simply never existed before, changing the way people interact, purchase, pay, research, etc. 
  • Mobile applications are flooding the world with simple and super-fast ways to interact with you or your business. 
  • Having more people online means that there are more eyes on unmet needs – the melting pot of innovation and disruption. 

We’ve had to change up the way ‘it’s always been done’ within a few short weeks where remote working and Skype or Zoom team meetings are the norm. 

Do you think it will stop here? 

Or do you think that there will be an increasing need for robust business connectivity solutions which allow for large data transfers, seamless video conferencing, guaranteed failover systems and online systems available to the remotest parts of South Africa?

Perhaps it may an idea to pause and consider if your business is ready for what is to come. Will you be ahead of the curve and offer innovative solutions to your customers? Or will you be chasing the tail of revolutionary products or services and find yourself gleaning the crumbs from the table of the visionaries?

Voice Options

It’s worth mentioning here two exciting voice alternatives available through Huge Connect.

Fixed GSM

This is a fixed (at your premises) voice service on mobile GSM voice technology, without costly call rates. It’s an excellent alternative landline voice option that offers lower call charges and super-fast deployment. If you already have an existing telephone number, we can port your number to avoid costly and inconvenient telephone number changes.

Hosted PBX

Cloud-based, or hosted, PBX is a brilliant choice for most businesses who have a large percentage of their workforce working remotely, all but eliminating missed calls when ‘out of the office.’ 

For those customers already on Huge Connect’s hosted PBX platform, we have two applications (mobile and laptop) which can extend your Telviva Cloud PBX extension to the homes of employees and are available free of charge. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information on the above.

Do or Die

The article referenced above offers some food for thought:

“There are two ways to predict the future. One way is to extrapolate the past, the domain of economists, and the other is to invent the future that you want, which is what technologists do. The future that you want is usually non-linear, different and full of possibilities usually driven by the passion of imagining what the future might be by an entrepreneur, not an extrapolation of the past…”

We’d like to encourage you to connect with us to pave the way for a dramatic and successful exit from today’s crisis. 

Sourced from: Huge Connect Blog. View the original article here.

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