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All too often our much-anticipated vacation time comes with a dark cloud. Home security is threatened by villains who also keenly anticipate the holiday season.   A Greenwich Study of Residential Security found that homes without indication of alarms were 2.7 to 3.5 times more likely to be burglarized. But here’s the thing, many smart criminals learn the different systems and can deactivate or override them. (Perhaps, put up a generic sign rather than one branded with a specific company, which system they may be familiar with.)

The NBFFA (National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association) says 90% of convicted burglars would avoid stealing from a house with a monitored alarm system. Commenting further on home security and the advisability of CCTV cameras,  NBFFA’s FAQ reply reads; “Not only will cameras help protect your property but… vandalism problems tend to decrease after cameras are installed… trouble makers will have a harder time sneaking in.”

Where does that leave us? Still with the nagging thought that our home security system could be overridden by today’s smart robber-teams. IoT (Internet of Things) home security to the rescue. Here’s how.

How IoT Steps Up Home Security

IoT and the digital age has transformed the security landscape and helps us get a step ahead of today’s smart criminals. CCTV has been vastly dialled up with internet connectivity in the mix. That means we can sip our martini’s in Mauritius and check on what’s going on at home with our smartphones.

Should we install an IoT home security system, we can certainly put signs up saying ‘Protected by audio-video surveillance’. This sophisticated technology puts us out of reach of criminal masterminds, giving us incomparable peace of mind.  Staying connected to our home via our phone also enables us to turn lights on and off to make sure that our home doesn’t look dark and empty – the perfect target for unsolicited “Christmas shoppers.”

More than that, we can turn sound on and off too. The absence of the flickering blue-hue TV light is a dead giveaway that no one’s home. IoT home security puts the whole show in our hands with touch-screen ease. Opening and closing blinds and curtains, even locking and unlocking doors fitted with smart locks are all possible from our phones. Remotely allowing a friend in to feed the fish, check on the cats and take the dog for a walk is just a touch away as long as we have an internet connection at the time.

We can ‘case our own joint’ anytime from the best vantage points. Alarms alerting us to suspicious activity in the yard and for access points of our house ring through to our phones.  IoT home security measures greatly increase the speed with which we can alert rapid response units, cutting intruder getaway time in half.

Just a sidebar note: be careful about sharing holiday pictures on social media while we’re out of town. Sure, our friends aren’t going to rob us but criminal organizations hack all known data banks and have immense volumes of information to guide who they target.

IoT Offers Real-Time Connectivity

Having a strong Wi-Fi signal at home is paramount as is the need for internet speed if we wish to check up on matters at home. Smart security systems use Wi-Fi to send live audio and video feed to our phones.

Bear in mind how useful this becomes even apart from vacation absenteeism. It could be that we’re caught in traffic but someone’s buzzing our gate, or our children are being dropped off, or a serviceman has arrived. We can surveil with our IoT home security, checking that all is well before we remotely open locked doors to allow our children access and we can lock them safely in again. We can instruct the serviceman to wait and give him our ETA and we can turn away the person buzzing the gate who is at the wrong address. Getting the picture?

Never before have we had such ‘Fort Knox’ capability for ourselves and our assets. All we need us a secure and reliable internet connection to keep ourselves and our belongings safe.

Having a team like Huge Connect on your side will guarantee professionalism and on-going assistance with sophisticated IoT home security solutions. That includes smart smoke detectors too, in case of accidental fire, while we’re out. The Huge team is standing by to assist with secure and reliable connectivity solutions so that we can maintain control whether we’re just our shopping or having a well-deserved holiday under the Tuscan sun.

Sourced from: Huge Connect Blog.
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