Big Brother is Connected: AI Plus Connectivity Solutions Equals Superior Security

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The term ‘big brother’ has always carried something of a negative connotation, with the idea that someone is always looking over your shoulder. There are times, however, when this is exactly what you want. When AI and IoT systems work alongside seamless connectivity solutions – well, the cloud is the limit!

If you think that the idea of AI, facial recognition and security is still a way off, think again.

The facial recognition market is set to be worth an estimated $7 billion by 2024. Understandably, it is the retail, banking and enterprise sectors which are adopting these fascinating new systems as they become available.

How Does AI Keep Us Safe?

How is AI collaborating with IoT and the cloud to enhance our security?

Take a look at some of these intriguing innovations:

Facial Recognition Technology

We are all familiar with biometric fingerprint scans which have been around for years and make use of the unique imprint of our fingertips.

In the same way, facial recognition technology uses a set of algorithms to transform analogue information that it collects from a face into digital information.  This information is then offered up to a database of previously stored faces and works through a set of patterns based on these facial details until it comes up with a match.

Facial Recognition in Practice

“ Facial Recognition is set to be a major topic for the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, which are taking place from July 22 to August 9 and from August 25 to September 6 respectively, as the first time the technology is being used in the Olympics.

Facial Recognition technology will be used in Tokyo 2020 to identify authorized persons and grant them access automatically, enhancing their experience and safety.” (Source)

The Benefits of AI in Retail

Shoplifting, also euphemistically known as shrinkage, is a major problem worldwide and costs the taxpayer millions. As it happens statistics show that shoplifters usually represent a small number of the public but are recurring offenders.

Walmart, for example, openly admits to using facial recognition software in its security protocol. Shoppers’ faces are scanned as they enter the store and compared to known offenders or Subjects of Interest (SOI). If there is a match, they are asked politely to leave – which they generally do.

It’s not just larger chain stores who are turning to AI to beef up their security.

An article in The Guardian tells us “Paul Wilks runs a Budgens supermarket in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Like most retail owners, he’d had problems with shoplifting – largely carried out by a relatively small number of repeat offenders. Then a year or so ago, exasperated, he installed something called Facewatch. It’s a facial-recognition system that watches people coming into the store; it has a database of “subjects of interest” (SOIs), and if it recognises one, it sends a discreet alert to the store manager.”

In this instance, prevention is certainly better than cure.

The step over into proactive AI and facial recognition may be something of a grey ethical area currently, but if used in a principled manner is an exciting concept.

For example, FaceMe AI Facial Recognition software house is offering a solution which can collect customer information such as gender, emotion, age and name. This information is updated at each touchpoint and can then offer a traceable record of customer activity.

Valuable insight for your marketing department, without a doubt.

AI Offers Security in Banking

Online banking may make life easier for most of us, but it also comes with a pack of rabid criminals who are getting smarter and more innovative in the way they are trying to relieve us of our hard-earned cash.

Several worldwide players have entered the arena of facial recognition technology and offer an array of services which connect and integrate with banking tech.

For example, facial recognition software is being rolled out in ATMs which can verify the customer’s face as they are transacting. Some companies make use of facial biometrics when customers are accessing their bank accounts from their computer, mobile phone or laptop simply by using the device’s camera.

Face ‘liveness’ is another way of overcoming the tricksters. Who would have thought of using a photograph of the person you’re about to defraud to bypass the facial recognition software?

“Just like it sounds, facial liveness, or presentation attack detection, determines if a face presented to a facial recognition system is that of a live person or a high-resolution photo, cut out photo, 3D mask, or video. All of these are ways to “trick” the system into thinking it’s seeing the authorized user.” (Source)

Keeping You Connected – Keeping You Safe

While the software and innovation behind the AI movement are incredible, it’s the internet that holds it all together and the cloud that makes it so accessible.

Bearing the above points in mind, we at Huge Connect take our responsibility for secure and reliable connectivity solutions seriously. We are thrilled to be part of the big picture thinking that AI brings, and we look forward to ensuring a safer and more secure world for all our valued customers.

Sourced from: Huge Connect Blog. View the original article here.

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