PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 87 now available

With this new update to PortaSwitch, you’ll be able to accept credit card payments with Stripe and set a variety of parameters to easily manage the terms by which your customers can pause their services. Read on to find out more, or to download our latest New Features Guide.

Stripe payment processor

With MR87, you now can accept credit card payments via Stripe. Because Stripe supports data tokenization to protect its users, and securely stores your customers’ credit card information on their side, there is no need for PCI DSS certification – meaning a faster time to market for your services.

PortaOne delivers Stripe integration via iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service), so it is immediately available to you in MR87. If you’re using an older release of PortaSwitch, don’t worry – for releases as far back as MR55, the PortaOne team can make a simple patch to back-port the iPaaS connector to your PortaSwitch and enable Stripe and other future iPaaS payment modules. Contact our sales department to find out more.


Operational agility
Accept online payments with Stripe.

Service pausing terms

Often, customers who have signed up for a commitment from you need to pause their service – whether it’s for a vacation, a move, a change in their business, or any other reason. With MR87, you will be able to easily set the terms by which your customers can make these pauses, including minimum and maximum duration, fees, and number of account pauses per year. Now, you’ll have one place where you can define these parameters according to your own business needs.


Operational agility
Define the service pausing conditions for commitments in one place.

Sourced from: PortaOne. View the original article here.

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