Deploy Voice and SMS with Twilio and Vodia PBX

Twilio has been the front runner in Voice and SMS technology, this is great because now, Vodia can use Twilio SMS and MMS API capability right on your Vodia PBX phone system.

In this tutorial, I will show how to get started with Twilio and how to configure it all on the Vodia PBX phone system.

What are the benefits?

  • Become an SMS provider
  • Use your existing Twilio account for both messaging and voice 
  • Users will be able to SMS and MMS from their Vodia Apps like the Vodia Windows App, Vodia Web browsers, IOS, and Android Apps
  • Provides a new revenue stream 
  • Twilio is the front runners in Voice and SMS
  • Creates new services for your subscribers 
  • Vodia multi-tenant subscribers can enjoy the simplicity of a new way to communicate through the PBX

Setting up Voice and SMS on Twilio is extremely easy and will only take a few minutes to set up.

Here’s what you will need:

Ok, now that we have that squared away, let’s begin!

When when you log in to your Twilio account navigate to the all-products-icon and click on phone numbers then Buy a number.  Next type in your customer Area code, under categories, choose SMS and Voice.

twilio active

Purchase your number

Next… Buy your new DID number 



Success!! Now that you have acquired a Twilio number you can start using the Twilio SMS feature by plugging a few values. 

We will be also using the DID number in Vodia’s notification settings, ( Keep that number handy) 

Let’s SMS with Vodia

Now that you’ve purchased your number, click on the hyperlink phone number to access the SMS settings.


Scroll down to messaging under  “A Message comes in” Choose Webhook for the value https://Your PBX FQDN/recvsms


Next, we will need the Auth Password of the SMS application. Navigate “Console Dashboard” then click on the “Project info” 


Project info

The project info has the user|password token that we will need to supply the Vodia PBX with when setting up the SMS feature, for now, Copy-paste the “ACCOUNT SID” and the “AUTH TOKEN” into your notes. 


Getting SMS configured on Vodia PBX


In the administration, mode navigate to Messaging|Notifications 

We will need to provide the project info found on your Twilio portal which is the (Account SID) and (Auth Token), please refer above for more info. 

  • Provider choose Twilio   
  • Username or account ( User the Account SID) 
  • Application token ( User Auth Token) 
  • URL prefix for receiving messages ( recvsms) 
  • Address for pulling for sending MMS messages  (Enter your FQDN) ex 
  • Default ANI for sending SMS messages (Enter your Twilio purchased number) 
  • Save your configuration 


Let’s test SMS

Now it’s time to test the service.

Open up your Vodia Windows App, if you don’t have the App, you can download it here for more info on the Vodia Windows App visit us at here

Next, on your Windows App type in a number on your Vodia App then press the SMS chat icon to send the SMS to the recipient.


Vodia. View the original article here.

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