New smart home camera from Gigaset

The digital window into the home

Gigaset is now presenting its third camera generation for the smart home. The new Gigaset camera 2.0, with Full-HD quality and infrared technology via live streaming, provides pin-sharp live images from the owner’s home to their smartphone. The compact device with a modern look can be integrated into the existing Gigaset Smart Home system and gives you the secure feeling that you’re not missing anything – even when you don’t happen to be at home. 

Just check if the kids have got back home safely from school. Take a quick look at the hallway to see if the light’s really been switched off. Or check whether the motion alarm in the entryway has been set off by your partner or an uninvited guest. There are lots of reasons for integrating a camera into a smart home system.

“People’s need for security has increased,” says Franka Abraham, Senior Product Manager Smart Home at Gigaset. “During the coronavirus lockdown, there was actually always someone at home thanks to working from home, or home schooling. But as the restrictions have eased, that has increasingly changed. Germans wanted to get out again and meet friends, play with classmates, go on trips or finally get away on a short vacation. Then it’s simply a good feeling to know that everything is alright back at home. We help make that happen with our new smart home camera.”

Following the presentation of its first outdoor smart home camera, Gigaset is now launching the new generation of its smart camera for indoors in November.

Beware, camera!
The Gigaset camera 2.0 records moving images in HD quality. Thanks to night vision with infrared technology, it has a range of six meters even when it’s pitch black, so it doesn’t miss any movement even in long, dark corridors. The videos, which are automatically recorded when an alarm goes off or also manually, can be viewed in the Gigaset Smart Home app for Android and iOS. Mobile devices can play the HD live stream from the camera with sound in real time.  Various cloud memory expansions allow videos to be saved and downloaded for up to 30 days.

Alongside a power connection, all the Gigaset camera 2.0 needs is a WiFi connection with at least 2 MBit/s upstream for it to become part of the Smart Home system. If, for example, the front door is opened and the motion detector registers movement in the entryway, the user will be alerted and can take a live look into their home, no matter where they happen to be. If it’s just the kids tossing their shoes into the corner, then the all-clear will be given. But if action is required, for example, in the event of a break-in, neighbors, family members, or the police can be notified. It’s even possible to talk to the person in front of the camera in walkie-talkie mode via the built-in loudspeaker. And a security service can also be sent to your home via the optional Gigaset smart security guard service.

Camera off!
On your way into the bedroom in nothing more than a bath towel? Going to the toilet during the night? Or simply frolicking about with the kids? Some moments aren’t intended for everyone. That’s why data protection and user privacy have a high priority for Gigaset. If you’re at home yourself, permanent monitoring isn’t necessary – nor, more importantly, is it wanted. The Gigaset camera 2.0 therefore features a privacy mode. Whenever this mode is activated, no live streams or recordings are possible. By anyone.

Gigaset cloud hosting also complies with the highest data security standards, so that private images also definitely remain private.

About the Gigaset Smart Home system
The Gigaset Smart Home system uses motion detectors, alarm sirens, smoke detectors, water sensors and cameras for indoors and outdoors to make your home more secure and convenient. Users can see via the Gigaset Smart Home app whether all the doors and windows fitted with sensors are closed properly – if there’s an irregularity, like an attempted break-in, smoke has been detected, or there’s a water leak, the alarm will go off. All incidents are easy to track in the Gigaset Smart Home app. That way, the Gigaset Smart Home system offers protection against burglary and damage by the elements, and provides additional living comfort, for instance, through convenient heating and lighting control in combination with Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Philips Hue. With the Gigaset smart plug, even devices without smart home functionality, like a standard lamp or a coffee machine can be switched on and off. The system is modular and can be adapted to suit any living situation.

The new Gigaset camera 2.0 can be mounted flexibly using the bracket provided. It goes on sale in the Gigaset e-shop and at retailers at the RRP of €159,99 from mid-December 2020. More information, also on the optionally available cloud memory expansions Welcome, Safety Package, Smart Package and Director’s Cut Package can be found here.

Sourced from: Gigaset. View the original article here.

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