Gigaset: Living independently and securely in old age

Gigaset smart care now comes in a new and attractive starter pack

The intelligent alerting system Gigaset smart care helps people who are elderly or in need of help to lead an independent, self-determined life in their own four walls. With its two new introductory packs, Gigaset brings seniors who require assistance and their relatives closer together – help is automatically summoned in an emergency. Gigaset smart motion reliably notifies the family, for example, if someone leaves home at an unusual time. And Gigaset smart SOS + Phone is a mobile alarm button system with a handsfree phone.

People in Germany are living increasingly longer thanks to medical advances on the one hand and the reduction in physically strenuous jobs on the other. But most of all it’s because people are now much more health-conscious, do sport and keep themselves mentally fit. Yet as we grow old, the risk of injuring ourselves at home increases and our independence unavoidably diminishes. If seniors need assistance in their everyday life, it is above all their closest contacts who step up to the plate: relatives, neighbors, friends or voluntary helpers. A senior citizens assistance system can provide valuable service in such a situation. Gigaset smart care notifies worried relatives over the Internet about irregularities in the household of family members who live alone.

“Gigaset has addressed the issue of demographic change in telephony for a long time. Expanding our product portfolio for the home was simply a logical step,” says Edgar Schollmeyer, Head of Product Management Smart Care at Gigaset. “Leveraging our experience in the smart home arena, we were able to offer two smart care alerting systems with extensive features in mid-2018. With our two new starter packs and a new charging model, Gigaset now makes it easy to start creating a home that thinks for itself and, as a result, to ensure that the people in it can lead a secure, self-determined life.”

The intelligent activity alarm for people who live alone
Gigaset smart motion is a sensor-based system that issues a warning if there is no longer any movement in the home. The sensors are simply attached to a door or in a room. The Gigaset smart care app helps make them easy to install. If there is no movement for an individually defined period of time, Gigaset smart motion notifies relatives by sending a push message to their smartphone – for example, after the person living alone has had a sudden fall or does not get up at the usual time in the morning. However, the sensors also detect if the door is opened and someone leaves home in the night. Relatives can then respond and check that everything is alright. The package is very easy to expand: Additional sensors can also be purchased to cover further rooms. The Gigaset smart motion starter pack is available at the RRP of €139.99.*

The mobile alarm button system
Every second counts in an emergency. Gigaset smart SOS + Phone comprises a portable alarm button and a senior-friendly Gigaset DECT handsfree phone. As soon as the button is pressed, the system notifies up to four relatives in an automated chain. They are called successively until one of them answers. The handsfree function then allows the person living alone to speak with the relative, enabling action to be taken in the event of an emergency. The alarm button can be installed in a permanent location or used as a mobile solution in the home. The Gigaset smart SOS + Phone starter pack is available at the RRP of €129.99.

* The Gigaset care charging model must be subscribed to for using the smart care solutions with cloud intelligence (all apart from smart SOS). The charge is €6.95 a month and it can be paid by monthly direct debit. The monthly charge is booked using the app during the installation process.

Source: Gigaset
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