Our Data and Analytics Research Plans for 2020

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by Andrew White  |  January 24, 2020  |  Submit a Comment

Its a New Year.  Its a new plan.  Well, not exactly.  But our research plans have evolved and been updated.  You can find out form our Key Initiative Primers exactly what we are researching this year.  Here you go:

Written for the Chief Data Officer, or head of data and analytics, this Primer explores what it takes to be a winner and what you need to know in order to be successful and help your organization achieve its goals.

The D&A strategies are the weapons and tools the CDO will employ as they go into battle and draw up a winning, business-driven Data and Analytics Strategy.  This is then implemented with a modern D&A Operating Model.  All this and more, spanning all the program, projects and products you need to take account of, are covered here.

AI and machine learning are going through some big changes in the market.  The near-term past were characterized by proof of concepts and pilots.  Now CEO’s and board of directors are asking, “Where is the value?” more and more.  So CDOs and AI, and Application leaders, are all shifting to performance, sustainable and repeatable benefits realization.

This KI looks at the solutions and approaches to defining, designing, building, acquiring, implementing and modernizing your analytics solutions.  This KI looks at the analytics, BI and data science platform – a key part of your overall data and analytics platform.

This KI looks at the solutions and approaches to defining, designing, building, acquiring, implementing and modernizing your data management solutions.  This KI looks at the data management platform – a key part of your overall data and analytics platform.

From about the middle of last year, through to December, our KI leaders take all manner of inputs, collaborations and explorations form many parts of the company, along with insight gleaned from our Conferences and client 1-1’s.  The result is what you see above.  The KI primers guide you into identifying the general scope and direction for what we will research and publish.

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