Epygi Technologies Announces Partnership with Wecom

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Porto Alegre, Brazil and Winter Park, Florida, USA, (Aug. 24, 2020) – Epygi Technologies, a worldwide provider of Integrated Communications Solutions, is excited to announce that Wecom has been appointed as Epygi distributor in Brazil.

Wecom has been in business for 10 years, with its unparalleled experience supplying communication solutions in the Brazilian market with large bases, especially in the south of Brazil. It will offer Epygi’s feature-rich ecQX Cloud PBX and the value-add call center solution.

The Epygi solution is one of the main pillars of UX Cloud (Wecom’s cloud solutions project), allocated in Florianopolis city, in their own data center for UC solutions.

Cesar Correa, CEO of the company, comments that “We have known and admired Epygi for a long time. It’s a company in tune with the new world. Firstly, we saw an opportunity to work with an extremely competitive call center solution, in cloud, and with advanced features. Opportunities for big projects are also starting to come”.

Recently Wecom launched e-commerce, called UC STORE (https://ucstore.wecom.com.br/) for the Brazilian market. Some plans for an Epygi-based cloud call center are already available in the store. Very soon a new portal, exclusively for cloud solutions will be online.

Epygi has been in business since the year of 2000 selling award-winning IP PBXs, IP Gateways and cloud-based solutions. Our devices are compact, modular, low power and very reliable. We spend a lot of our resources testing and validating diverse SIP endpoints such as telephones, door openers, cameras, paging devices and alarm annunciators from partner companies to create solutions in telephony, access control, and security.

About Wecom

Wecom is an integrator, maintainer and distributor of unified communication systems. Focused on the corporate market, their focus is on promoting digital transformation for business, presenting the best mobility and collaboration tools available on the market.

Wecom team has professional leaders and specialists who work for more than thirty years in the business communication market, with a solid portfolio of customers in the most different segments. The performance includes the stages of consulting, project development, implementation and maintenance of communication systems, with extensive experience in collaboration technologies and advanced technical staff. For additional information, visit its website at www.wecom.com.br

About Epygi Technologies

Epygi Technologies, LLC, a worldwide provider of award-winning IP PBXs, Gateways and ecQX Cloud Services, supporting small businesses to enterprise’s telephony needs, is a private US company founded in 2000 and has its headquarters in Winter Park, Florida. Reliable, secure and easy to install and use, the Epygi products offer users outstanding benefits and an unparalleled range of features at very economic prices. Customers are able to improve their productivity, lower operating expenses and enhance their image while affording the latest in telecommunications equipment. Visit us on our website, follow us on Twitter, like our page on Facebook or join our LinkedIn group.

Sourced from: Epygi Blog. View the original article here.

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