Marketing integrated in the Customer Experience, the formula to improve the relationship with the customer

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The digital transformation has brought new ways of relating between users and companies, thanks to the appearance of new channels. However, 85% of companies are aware that as customers become more informed before making any transaction, and these become more complex, it is more important to have a customer experience strategy in which marketing and customer service are integrated.

A third of customers will stop buying from a brand they love, after a single bad experience.

The value of integrating marketing actions as an element of the customer experience

The customer journey and the best or worst customer experience start when they are impacted by any marketing action. Also these actions must be into one process. So that users receive unified information and attention. Every time they have a contact with the company, no matter what type it is. If they are simply seeing an ad, as if they are shopping in e-commerce, or trying to solve an issue by phone or chat. It must all be part of a unique customer experience.

However, some companies do not know how to incorporate new contact channels so that customers can access them more easily. In other words, the problem arises when each of these channels functions as a single unit of information and not integrated. It causes the context and information about the client to be lost. Generating a bad experience for not being able to solve its requirement, or increasing the number of interactions and time to solve it.

To achieve this integration it is essential to design a unified customer journey. That allows to identify any customer from the first moment he contacts the brand. Personalizing each subsequent point of contact, with the aim of converting leads, creating engagement and loyalty.

In other words, to achieve a unified customer journey it is necessary to have the right technology. To identify each interaction with the consumer. However, to managing, storing and analysing quantitative and qualitative data. In order to optimise marketing actions and integrate them into the customer experience.

However, the best way to achieve this complete integration is to use a single All in One Solution with BI, Quality, Automation and Artificial Intelligence tools. Also compiling all the actions that the user performs with the brand, in online and offline environments and getting a global vision of the relationship of each customer or user with the brand.

According to Deloitte, integrating the marketing strategy into the customer experience is achieved:

  • Reduce customer frustration by 75%.
  • Make 86% of consumers pay more for a good experience.
  • Reduce customer churn by 92%.
  • Increase up-sell and cross-sell sales by 65%.

Knowing the intention of customers, what they are looking for and where. Allows brands to offer a superior experience and differentiate themselves from the competition by responding to each specific customer need.  This being a critical differential factor for loyalty and offer unique experiences, multiplying sales.

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