Internet of Things (IoT) Emerging Technologies 2019

This report provides a basic conceptual understanding of IoT, as well as an overview of IoT and how it works.  The report looks at real-world use cases of IoT in various industries, as well as examples of current initiatives. The report provides an overview of the top IoT companies globally and local examples of IoT related initiatives, it also looks at the future of IoT and estimated market sizing forecast to 2024.


This research has been conducted through local primary thought leader interviews and secondary research aggregation in order to provide a summarized overview of the emerging field of Internet of Things (IoT).

Research team

The team for this research includes Ryan Smit and Clinton Jacobs.


Table of Contents


IoT Market Overview

  • Definition of IoT
  • The IoT value chain
  • IoT Hardware Sensors
  • IoT Hardware Devices
  • IoT Communication Networks
  • What is an LPWA?
  • LPWA IoT requirements
  • LPWA IoT technology landscape
  • Local IoT Connectivity Players
  • Global IoT Platform Examples
  • IoT Security Layers
  • Local IoT Solution Integration Players
  • Local IoT Platform and App Development Players
  • Cross-Value Chain Player: IoT.nxt
  • IoT Business Drivers

IoT Trends, Drivers & Inhibitors

  • IOT Trends
  • IOT Drivers

IoT Market Sizing

  • Local Market Sizing Methodology
  • Global Connected Devices Forecasts
  • IoT Value Chain Sizing
  • IoT SA Market Sizing – Estimated Connections
  • IoT SA Market Sizing – Estimated Revenue

IoT Case Studies

  • IoT Use Cases
  • Case Study – Precision farming
  • Case Study – Wildlife Management
  • Case Study – Smart Cities
  • Case Study – Digital Twin Mine Management
  • Case Study – Smart Industrial Factories
  • Case Study – LPWA: The Future of Smart Metering
  • Case Study – Predictive Maintenance for Medical Technology
  • Case Study – Asset Tracking
  • Case Study – Livestock Tracking

The Future of IoT

  • Statements About IoT
  • Scenarios for the future of IoT
  • Overview of Scenarios

Deliverables and format

The outcomes of the research and analysis will be documented in a PowerPoint document.

BMIT will also provide a workshop/presentation in the Gauteng region, while reserving its option to combine this topic with other published topics.

Related research

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Emerging Technologies
  • Big Data Emerging Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Emerging Technologies

Further information

For further information and details on how to subscribe to this research please contact Anita Mathews on 011 540 8000 or

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