Early commitment vital for S/4 migration

The SAP S/4 HANA migration deadline has moved to 2027, however, SAP users are already planning for their migration. For the mega SAP users, seven years isn’t much time to prepare and complete the migration.

This is particularly true for entities like banks, which have so many divisions that run individual instances of SAP that it is too massive to migrate all of them together. More than 400 clients across Africa need to migrate to S/4 before 2027, and this requires a staggered plan executed over the years to come.

According to Lucy Mathosa, BCX managing executive SAP CoE, the impact of Covid-19 may cause the delay of new migrations in favour of fulfilling operational and managed service functions. She stresses that companies should consider the new functionality if it has an immediate impact on an increase in profitability, especially in the current pandemic.

“Delays coupled with the revised date of 2027 makes it the perfect time to plan, and now is the time to engage with BCX on vital roadmap activities. The S/4 migration is a journey that requires pre-planning and readiness assessments. Any new developments need to be properly considered and assessed to ensure future compatibility into the S/4 environment, and also to avoid duplication of effort for functionality that is already included as standard in the new S/4 solution.

“This applies even when an enterprise anticipates delaying its migration.”

Mathosa believes companies should consider the cost of developing or enhancing their existing SAP systems, when their efforts could be better spent on planning the migration, to take advantage of the many new features and functionalities.


“We are ready for this transition up to 2027 and beyond, and have ensured that our SAP consultants have been certified in S/4. We have already done successful S/4 implementations and have an additional four clients that have started the process. Besides certifying our own SAP team, BCX has strategic partners in place so that we ensure we do not fall short of capacity.”

“The migration to S/4 before 2027 will require a concerted collaborative effort in partnerships. Also, with the amount of enterprises that need to move and the entities able to assist with this, without early commitment, they may simply have to join the queue,” she concludes. 

BCX is a SAP outsourcing operations and gold partner, as well as a value-added reseller, certified to build, sell, service, and implement SAP solutions to all industries.

It is a SAP Service Alliance partner, certified hosting partner, certified cloud services partner, certified partner of the Centre of Excellence for SAP Software Support, and certified HANA operations services partner.

Sourced from: BCX. View the original article here.

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