Destinia Taps into New Markets & Strengthens Global Communications with AVOXI’s All-in-One Platform

Destinia, a Spanish online travel agency, depends on AVOXI’s global communications platform to connect its travelers with reservation agents throughout their various call centers. Since 2014, Destinia has relied on AVOXI’s robust international coverage and feature-rich technology to modernize its worldwide communications – all within one unified platform.

With instant access to local and international phone numbers in hard-to-obtain countries, AVOXI has helped Destinia tap into new markets and better connect with their guests while also reducing the total cost of ownership in some instances by 58%. 

Problems to Solve for Destinia

After several years of continued market expansion coupled with 2020’s unforeseen decline in travel, Destinia needed a cloud-based communications platform that could provide the flexibility to scale up or down as needed. Alongside scalability, Destinia was also seeking one platform that could help them modernize their communications and move faster and support their continued growth. The ability to instantly activate new international numbers, view usage and analytics in a centralized location combined with a reliable path to the cloud were all must-haves as they evaluated communication providers.

  • Broad Coverage and Expansion. With customers booking travel, lodging, and excursions from around the world, Destinia pursued a global communications platform that could provide quick, local DID and toll-free numbers for their offices and agents. AVOXI’s self-service interface made it simple to scale and deliver international numbers alongside just a few clicks.
  • Reliable Pathway to the Cloud. Finding a cloud-based platform that could seamlessly integrate with Destinia’s current PBX platform was critical. AVOXI provided a reliable pathway to the cloud that delivered a centralized location to manage their numbers and control their call routing.
  • Pay As You Go. To support the ups and downs of seasonality across their industry, Destinia needed a partner who could provide flexible volume plans and no-term contracts. The ability to instantly tap into AVOXI’s robust number inventory and select the voice packages that were uniquely aligned with their business needs made selecting AVOXI an easy decision.

The AVOXI Solution

With Destinia’s continued expansion into new markets, having one platform that could manage their entire number portfolio while easily integrating with their current PBX was critical. For its Head of IT Support, leaning on long-time partner AVOXI to fulfill that need was an easy decision.

  • Easily Integrated Software. AVOXI’s industry-leading communications platform enables Destinia to receive inbound calls routed through its on-site PBX phone system without disruption. With reliable cloud technology infrastructure, agents benefit from clearer calls, consistent uptime, and a suite of call features that enhance business and customer satisfaction.
  • 170+ Country Coverage Available with High-Quality Voice. With AVOXI’s expansive voice coverage, Destinia can easily reach its customers, regardless of where they’re located. AVOXI makes it easier and more streamlined to purchase local numbers in desired markets while tracking ownership costs from within one unified platform.
  • Improved Efficiencies Across International Calling. Destinia leaned on AVOXI’s easy-to-activate interface to quickly deploy international toll-free numbers across new markets like Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and France. With AVOXI’s flexible packaging, Destinia was able to reduce its cost of ownership in some instances by 58%.
  • Bilingual 24/7/365 Account Support. Having a support team that could seamlessly work with Destinia’s bilingual team was a big qualifier in their business decision. AVOXI’s 24/7/365 support in Spanish and English helps their agents get the support they need, in the language of their choice, day or night.

Sourced from: Avoxi. View the original article here.

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