3CX: What’s Up? Update 5 Alpha Introduces WhatsApp Integration!

Add a business WhatsApp number and have your team answer the messages! Also in Update 5 Alpha, we’ve improved SMS integrations making it much easier to configure. Plus it’s now possible to create your own automated chat responses using quick response message templates. Update today to try out these features and more!

Manage WhatsApp messages from 3CX

3CX - WhatsApp integration

The WhatsApp integration, allows you to deliver WhatsApp messages immediately to the Web Client for agents to answer, transfer and resolve customer queries from the one platform. Not only are you giving customers an extra channel to contact you, you will also:

  • Ensure timely responses by assigning WhatsApp messages to groups
  • Offer better service by having all customer communications in one place
  • Messages are logged, to ensure no response violates company policies
  • Staff will not need to give out their personal WhatsApp numbers!

Read our documentation on how to set up WhatsApp Integration.

Improved SMS integration

3CX SMS Integration
SMS configuration was previously set up separately but has been improved to reside directly within the SIP trunk configuration. A new “SMS” tab has been added, allowing you to configure SMS in 4 easy steps:

  1. In the “SMS” tab, enable the SMS.
  2. Enter the Secret Key obtained from the VoIP provider’s portal.
  3. Copy and paste your 3CX webhook URL into your provider’s portal.
  4. Enable your users’ permissions to send SMS.

Quick response message templates

Quick Responses in the 3CX Web Client

Respond to any chat message including live chat, Facebook, WhatsApp & SMS even quicker with your own fully customizable quick response message templates. Simply click on the new templates icon in the message response bar. Group managers can create templates and split them up into separate categories (e.g New Enquiry & Admin) and languages.

Templated responses can also be set up with placeholders so that your messages can have a personal touch. (E.g %AgentName% or %CustomerName%)

Manage other user and live chat settings from the Web Client

Users and Live Chat Configurations in 3CX Web Client

Users who are granted ‘System Administration’ rights from the Management Console will now be able to use their Web Client to edit Users and Live Chat configurations. When clicking on ‘Admin’ in the menu bar, system admins can access users’ settings including editing the status schedule. They can also edit Live Chat configurations which have been improved with new styling, options and privacy controls.

How to get V18 Update 5 Alpha

Only recommended for testing: This is an alpha version, not suitable for production systems. If you want to use it for testing purposes, ensure you take a full backup of your system and store it in a separate location (not on the host). If you are running 3CX as a VM, take a snapshot. This upgrade is designed for installs made with the 3CX ISO.

Current V18 Update 4 users running on Linux can try out Update 5 Alpha via Updates in the Management Console.

Sourced from: 3CX Blog. View the original article here.

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