3CX: V16 Update 8A – BETA – Restore Old Extension

With v18 update 2 we updated the Chrome and Edge Extension to work optimally for v18. To reiterate: Apps and Extensions are always for the latest version of 3CX. However, this means that v16 users no longer have access to the extension with the integrated dial pad.

If you do not want or cannot move to v18 now, this update allows you to use the old extension with v16. You will need to re-install the Chrome and Edge extension again on each desktop that wishes to have the “old” extension.

Recommended options V18 or Windows app

Restore update to V16 Update 8A BETA

To be clear, updating to v16 is not the recommended option. The “old” browser extension will be removed from the store in June 2022. Furthermore no updates are allowed from January 2022 onwards so any browser update that Google makes, might break the extension and there will be no fixing from that point onwards!

So, rather then reinstalling the old extension on desktops, we recommend, any of following options:

  1. Go to v18 and:
    1. Install the new Windows desktop app for Windows users
    2. For Mac users, uninstall Chrome and Edge extensions on the desktops and install Chrome and Edge, pending the new Mac desktop app.
    3. Linux users have better notification functionality out of the box because on Linux and ChromeOS the new OS notifications work well and notify users of incoming calls without needing a Chrome extension.
  2. Stay on v16 and:
    1. Install the Windows app for Windows users.
    2. Mac and Linux users use the iOS or Android apps for notifications or use one of the many Mac or Linux softphones available.

Any of the above options will provide a good solution for going forward.

If you want the “old” extension back

However if you still want the old extension back temporarily, you can install this build of v16. It has not yet been extensively tested but it has just a few changes in regards to licensing as well as the ability to use the old extension. To use it:

  1. Take a backup of your current v16 before applying this update
  2. Install the update
  3. Now uninstall Chrome and Edge extensions on the desktops
  4. Re-install this Chrome and Edge
  5. Reactivate from the web client
  6. The links in the sidebar have been updated to point to the “New old extension”

The welcome email still points to the v18 extension and unfortunately we can not change this at this point, you will have to notify new users of the new link or tell them to use the link in the client.

Where possible use the Windows app not the old extension!

Sourced from: 3CX Blog. View the original article here.

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