The Launch of 3CX Version 20 and Its Transformative Features for Business Communications

3CX is gearing up for the release of Version 20, offering a series of webinars to ensure a smooth transition from V18. These sessions will cover prerequisites, upgrade processes, setting up departments, and exploring new features. Webinars are scheduled across different time zones and languages, including English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, and Russian. This initiative is aimed at helping users prepare for and leverage the enhanced functionalities of V20. For more detailed information and to sign up for a webinar, please visit the original article on 3CX’s website: Get Ready for V20 – Webinars.


Key Features and Updates in 3CX Version 20

1. Integrated Admin Console: V20 introduces a revamped management console, now embedded within the 3CX client. This integration allows for seamless switching between user and admin roles without the need for separate logins, simplifying configuration and management​​​​.

2. Departments: A major feature in V20, Departments replace Groups, offering a more structured and powerful organizational unit within 3CX. Departments can have their own settings such as office hours, holidays, and language, soon to be expanded with phonebook and CRM configurations. This enhancement facilitates more granular permission settings and easier management, especially for larger organizations​​​​.

3. Enhanced Security and Simplified URL: Security roles are now more finely tunable with the introduction of departments. Moreover, the integration of client and management console has led to a simplified, easy-to-remember URL for both users and administrators, reducing the dependency on welcome emails​​​​.

4. Windows Softphone App: A new native Windows Softphone app is available through the Microsoft Store, offering a user experience akin to the iOS and Android apps, with future updates promising Bluetooth headset integration​​​​.

5. New SIP Server: V20 sports a completely redesigned SIP server, enhancing call handling features such as queue strategies targeting busy agents, faster call pickup and barge-in, and improved call control. This update promises better security, performance, and scalability​​​​.

6. Debian 12 Upgrade: The move to Debian 12 ensures the latest security patches and software versions, future-proofing the installation​​.

7. Video Conferencing Enhancements: V20 enhances the video conferencing experience with updated chat control settings, notifications, and participant panel management, making virtual meetings more efficient and user-friendly​​.

8. Advanced CRM Integration: The platform builds on its robust CRM integration capabilities, offering deeper connections with leading CRM providers. This facilitates streamlined sales and support processes and ensures customer data is effortlessly synchronized​​.

9. Enhanced Security Measures: With cybersecurity threats on the rise, V20 introduces advanced security protocols to safeguard business communications against potential vulnerabilities​​.


Key Considerations Before Upgrading to V20

1. Review New Features: Understand the scope of new functionalities such as the integrated Admin Console, Departments, enhanced security measures, and the new SIP server, and how they can benefit your organization​​​​​​.

2. Compatibility Checks: Ensure that your current hardware, including physical phones and any other integrated systems, are compatible with V20. The introduction of the secure connection through a Session Border Controller (SBC) for physical phones is a significant change that may affect your existing setup​​.

3. Plan for Features on Hold: Be aware that certain features are not immediately available in V20 and will be introduced in subsequent updates. These include editing and adding of Call Flow Designer (CFD) applications, Teams Direct Routing Integration, and hot desking​​. Consider the impact on your current use of these features and plan your upgrade timing accordingly.

4. Departments Transition: With the transition from Groups to Departments, consider the administrative and operational changes required to migrate existing configurations to the new Department structure. This may involve reconfiguring office hours, holidays, and permissions​​​​.

5. Training and Support: Anticipate the need for training and support for your IT staff and end-users to adapt to the new features and interface changes. This is crucial for leveraging the full potential of V20 and ensuring a smooth transition​​​​.

6. Security and Backup: Prior to upgrading, conduct a thorough security review and ensure that backups of your current system are up to date. While V20 offers enhanced security features, it’s important to prepare for the transition without compromising your data​​.

7. Upgrade Path: Confirm the upgrade path from your current version to V20. It’s recommended to be on a specific minimum version before attempting the upgrade to ensure compatibility and a smooth transition process​​.

8. Support and Documentation: Utilize 3CX support and documentation to understand the upgrade process, and don’t hesitate to reach out to 3CX or a certified partner for assistance. Ensuring you have access to expert advice and support can mitigate potential challenges during the upgrade


Upgrading to 3CX Version 20 is a significant step forward for organizations looking to enhance their business communications. By carefully considering these factors, businesses can ensure they’re well-prepared for the upgrade, minimizing disruption and maximizing the benefits of the new version’s advanced features. Planning, preparation, and support are key to a successful transition to 3CX Version 20.

About 3CX

3CX is a global leader in business communication systems, offering a comprehensive VoIP and Unified Communications solution that empowers businesses to connect, communicate, and collaborate seamlessly. Their platform is renowned for its flexibility, ease of use, and innovative features designed to enhance productivity, customer service, and cost efficiency. From robust VoIP services and video conferencing to live chat and CRM integrations, 3CX provides a scalable and integrated approach to modern communications. To learn more about 3CX and explore their cutting-edge solutions, visit their official website at

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