Stream 3CX Video Conferences on YouTube

3CX Video Conferencing on version 18 has been updated to integrate with YouTube. Users can present video conferences LIVE via YouTube as well as stream public YouTube content directly within a meeting. Initially available across all license levels, the feature will eventually require an Enterprise edition license.

Use 3CX to present to millions

3CX Video conference - Youtube Live

Did you ever want to bring people from all over the world together into a single virtual meeting room and broadcast this meeting to millions? 3CX Video Conferencing now supports broadcasting to Youtube, so you can increase your reach. Find out how in our Video Conferencing for Advanced Users guide.

In meeting video playback

3CX Video Conference - Youtube Playpack

Enhance your meetings with video content. Presenters can playback public content from Youtube so that all participants can view the same video, at the same time. The presenter will stay in control of play/pause and skipping of the video for all participants in the meeting. See our user guide to find out how it works.

Improved filtering on 3CX VC WordPress plugin

The 3CX Video Conference WordPress plugin has been updated to easily publish 3CX webinars and register customers to those webinars. The updated plugin allows you to filter for specific webinars based on:

  • Publishing extension number
  • Keyword in webinar subject
  • X number of days in the future

You may combine all or leave all blank to display all upcoming webinars of the 3CX System.

The plugin is built on our 3CX VC Rest API allowing users to customize the experience to fit individual needs and requirements but does require 3CX version 18 to run.

Let us know your feedback on these new features and also share any interesting use cases for the REST API via our community forum.

Sourced from: 3CX Blog. View the original article here.

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