3CX: Measure Your Contact Center Success

Contact center managers will always want to have one eye on the here and now, but also on the operation’s past days, weeks, and months. This is for many reasons, including evaluating the success of a particular campaign, or amending how processes are followed by the team of agents. Monitoring the success of your contact center can be based on many different factors so let’s find out what can be measured and how.

How do you measure the quality of a contact center?

You may have heard the term “KPI” bandied about. It stands for Key Performance Indicator. Basically, it’s a quantifiable measure of performance and quality over a period of time. Managers usually have many KPIs in place to track success.

Popular metrics to track

Metrics have a growing importance in measuring your success. There are some key metrics or KPIs that need to be tracked including:

  • Average call duration
  • Call quality
  • Response time
  • Average queue wait times
  • Customer satisfaction rates
  • Call abandonment %
  • Speed of resolution

Evaluate your performance

Contact Center - Template Reports to evaluate performance
Now that you have these defined, you need a way of processing the information to see if you are on target or not. As part of its contact center module, 3CX includes 27 template reports that can help you break down all the raw data into accurate, understandable information.

The reports can be presented in both graphical and tabular forms. Management teams can opt for the reports to run on a schedule so that they can get up-to-date information directly into their inboxes without having to manually run them.

3CX contact center reports include

  • Detailed queue statistics
  • Abandoned queue calls
  • SLA stats
  • Agent log in/out history

Included within these 27 reports, 3 are aimed solely at providing information about how live chat, Facebook messenger, and SMS messages are dealt with. For more information on messaging reporting, check out our ‘Essential Live Chat Reports and Statistics’ blog.

Identifying potential problems

Contact Center - Template Reports to identify potential problems

Albert Einstein said, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunities”. Contact centers do not always run smoothly. There are many factors that can create problems including the human element which is always unpredictable. However, potential problems affecting the smooth functioning of your contact center can be caught before they spiral out of control.

For example, looking at the above report, we can see that between 9 and 10 am, there were 5 unanswered calls. While this is not a large volume of missed calls, any missed call could be the loss of a sale or cause a bad customer experience. This could be due to any number of reasons but the report provides a contact center manager the information to possibly adjust staffing levels or coffee break schedules.

Using reporting to measure your contact center’s success can give you valuable insight to keep those KPI targets being met.

Take your contact center to the next level

Now that you have established some firm KPIs and set up those valuable reports, how about thinking about offering more channels of communication to your clients? 3CX’s contact center solution provides voice and video calling, live chat, WhatsApp integration, and SMS support. Pooling these channels into a single easy-to-handle interface will make your agent’s jobs easier and delight your customers.

Sourced from: 3CX Blog. View the original article here.

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