Hosted by 3CX Now Also Available for IP-based Trunks

All partners and customers using IP-based SIP carriers can now use Hosted by 3CX, our fully managed hosted solution. We’ve enabled over 100 IP-based providers, available with their templates inside Hosted by 3CX. This makes the transition to our hosting service even easier than before!

Why registration-based is the preferred option

Registration-based trunks with no IP fixation remain the preferred option in a hosted environment. This is because in certain cases the Public IP of your Hosted by 3CX can change unexpectedly. Although this is not a regular occurrence, if this happens, you will temporarily lose the ability to make and receive calls via your IP-based trunks.

If this happens:

  • You will need to contact your provider to inform them that your public IP has changed.
  • We will send a warning email to the subscription owner and registered admin to follow up with the change.

What we recommend

  1. If you have an IP-based SIP trunk, consider having a second registration-based SIP trunk as a backup. This will provide an alternative route for calls to be made while you wait for your IP-based carrier to update the endpoint with your new 3CX public IP.
  2. You could also consider porting your number to a registration-based service to avoid those downtimes for good.

Known limitations

SIP trunk providers that require on-premise hardware such as session border controllers, customer premises equipment or internet access via a specific ISP remain incompatible.

How to get Hosted by 3CX

Migrate to Hosted by 3CX in Web Client

New customers can create a new, hosted trial account and take advantage of a whole year of free hosting. Existing customers and partners can simply log into the customer portal and then follow our guide on switching to hosted by 3CX. The migration will automatically upgrade your PBX to version 18 with the free year hosting applied.

Sourced from: 3CX Blog. View the original article here.

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