3CX: Features of Microsoft Teams integration and how to use them

3CX Microsoft Teams integration delivers a simple way to elevate new and existing Teams users to access all the extras of a fully-featured enterprise telephone system. Administrators can easily set up the software integration using our documentation and how-to videos.

What are the 2 key features?

The main benefit of the integration is to:

  • upgrade Microsoft Teams phone system to an enterprise-grade PBX by using 3CX in the background to run the complex call routing and reporting functions.
  • provide an alternative to Microsoft’s expensive calling plans. Customers can choose a local SIP trunk carrier to access preferential rates instead of being tied to using Microsoft’s plans.

Advanced Contact Center features

The Teams phone system feature set is lacking in various areas where a more complex call flow is required. Pairing 3CX with Teams using Direct Routing means that companies can utilize the already familiar Teams interface for day-to-day call management. These contact center features include:

  • Queues
  • Advanced usage reporting
  • Agent login/logout list
  • Record specific queues
  • Queue callback and queue position announcements
  • Live chat

3CX Video Conference

3CX video conferencing provides between 25 and 250 simultaneous participants. Teams users will be familiar with video conferencing however by using 3CX, users will benefit from further integration between the two systems. Features of video conferencing include:

  • Easily schedule events using Microsoft 365 and Outlook calendar
  • Sharing of files
  • Whiteboard
  • Record the meeting instead of taking notes

How to implement the features

Administrators can integrate the two systems and access these additional features by using the easily accessed guide on our administration manual.

How to dial out using Teams

This can be achieved in 2 easy steps:

Step 1

Microsoft Teams - Calls Tab

  • Navigate to the Calls tab and enter:
    • An external number (e.g Mobile or Landline)
    • An extension number to dial a user on 3CX (e.g 040)
    • A name to dial a user directly on Teams (e.g Brandon)

Step 2

Microsoft Teams - More Icon

Once a call is in progress the ‘More’ icon can complete actions including placing the caller on hold, transferring the caller to another user, and editing audio device settings.

Features coming soon

Cross-platform presence, improvements to meeting scheduling, group synchronization, and extension number generation are all on our roadmap.

Sourced from: 3CX Blog. View the original article here.

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