3CX:Essential Live Chat Reports and Statistics

3CX Live Chat offers an easy way to further enhance a company’s online presence and to help with buyer confidence. By offering the ability to have a conversation with a live agent, customers are instantly put at ease when making purchases or looking for the correct product or service.

Why are reporting and statistics important?

From the company’s standpoint, reports ensure chat messages are being dealt with correctly. Customers should not be left waiting for a response. Missed or abandoned chat messages could cause the loss of a sale via the web store or the customer choosing to partner with a different company. Optimization of the 3CX Live Chat greeting and bubble placement on the website can be changed so reports can be utilized to see if particular customization generates more or less customer interaction.

Key statistics and reports

There are two ways that Live Chat messages can be tracked and reported.

Google analytics

Google Analytics Reports - Screenshot

Using Google Analytics, you can track and report your website visitors’ interactions, helping improve conversion rates. The trackable information differs slightly if the Live Chat plugin is being used as a standalone application or if it has been linked with a 3CX Phone system.

Websites already set up to use Google Analytics can track information such as:

  • When visitors click on
    • the minimized bubble
    • the greeting
    • the close button of the greeting for the first time
  • When visitors focus on the message box
  • When a chat is initiated successfully and is listed on the agent’s chat list.
  • On chat completion
    • if visitor completed or if,
    • the agent ended the conversation either by closing the session or blocking the visitor.
  • Successful delivery of offline messages.

3CX chat reports

3CX Live Chat Reports

If the 3CX Live Chat plugin is linked with a 3CX Phone system, there are three template reports available via the management console. Within the configuration, each report can be tailored to report against specific metrics, such as:

  • The channel which was used (e.g. Website live chat, Facebook Messenger, Business SMS)
  • Range (e.g. Yesterday, Last Week, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, custom)
  • Selecting a specific queue (e.g. Sales Support)

The three template reports available are:

Queue chat performance

This report allows you to select specific queues to report against displaying how many agents are members of the queue, how many chat messages have been received, answered, and abandoned.

Queue agents chat statistics

This report allows administrators to get a complete breakdown of how each agent of a queue is performing. Once an agent clicks ‘Take’ on an incoming chat, the ‘Answered’ field would show a +1 value. Once any agent clicks ‘Dealt with’ on the chat, the report would reflect this.

Abandoned chats

This report is especially important as abandoned chats could cause the loss of a sale or an adverse customer experience. The report will show:

  • The Queue name that has been chosen to be reported against
  • Which channel the chat came from (e.g. Live Chat, Facebook, or SMS)
  • If the visitor has filled out the contact details, you will see their name, telephone number, and email address
  • Date & Time
  • Reason for the abandonment (e.g. The visitor closed the chat window)
  • If the message was marked as Dealt With
  • Finally, the visitor’s initial line of the message

Scheduled reports

When linking Live Chat with a 3CX Phone System, it is possible to set the template reports to run on a scheduled basis. Setting reports to run on a scheduled basis ensures efficient use of time. System administrators can configure the reports to run on a daily, weekly, monthly, or custom basis. The reports can then be sent to an individual or group of email addresses.

Other phone system reports

3CX live chat linked with the phone system also provides 24 other report templates, essential in a contact center environment to assess agent performance and improve productivity. These call reports can be set up and scheduled to provide a whole host of information including:

  • Number of calls per day and total duration
  • Average queue waiting time
  • Detailed Queue statistics
  • Agent login history
  • Call distribution graphs


A business’s responsiveness to customer problems engenders trust. 3CX Live Chat is no doubt an important aspect of providing another channel of communication to any business. Setting up reports can be a valuable way of ensuring customer satisfaction is being met whilst keeping an overview of abandoned conversations which could lead to loss of sales.

3CX Live Chat can be set up using WordPressDrupalJoomlaWix & Weebly. The application can be used in a standalone mode or it can be linked with a 3CX phone system. 3CX can be downloaded and hosted for free for the first year.

Sourced from: 3CX Blog. View the original article here.

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