3CX and Snom products have been one of the most popular combinations in the highly integrated telecommunications infrastructures sector for over ten years

3CX, developer of the award-winning business communications solution, and Snom Technology, the premium brand for IP telephones in the business environment, entered into a strategic technology partnership over ten years ago: The products of both companies have always been based on the open SIP standard and offered something special from the start. Both are equipped with an extensive range of functions and surpass the capabilities of classic telephone systems and conventional business telephones in their diverse uses.  Another common feature: the goal of both companies to ensure a very high, barrier-free level of interoperability between the products offered. This is matched by close cooperation in the field of software integration.

Today, phones and UCC systems are seamlessly integrated: To this end, Snom’s Research and Development department ensures that Snom phones support all new versions and features of the 3CX UCC solution. In addition, 3CX ensures that new functionalities introduced on Snom phones can be used with the 3CX solution. Both companies also work closely together in the area of customer support so they can offer customers coordinated solutions.

Meanwhile, thousands of workstations across Europe are equipped with 3CX and Snom telecommunications technology, and this trend looks set to continue: Numerous joint testimonials confirm that customers who set up UCC infrastructures with the products of both companies benefit from a high-performance, very professional and yet user-friendly solution.

The technology partnership has also developed into a strategic partnership: Both manufacturers are working together to deliver coordinated and innovative unique selling points that also provide partners and resellers with compelling arguments for a UCC infrastructure made up of 3CX and Snom products. This comes in addition to the usual advantages of SIP-based solutions and end devices over conventional and proprietary systems. Both companies have also pursued a two-tier marketing strategy. This means that distributors and partners throughout Europe enjoy ongoing support with training and information on innovations from both companies.

“3CX is built on years of expertise, providing the ultimate future-proof software. Innovation is at our core, this is evident with 3CX StartUP, our latest cloud-native solution product. Our partnership with Snom, from the early years, has given 3CX partners and customers high-quality and reliable devices,” announced Natassia Allery, Global Sales Director at 3CX.

“The close integration of our IP phone portfolio with the 3CX solution has enabled the development of powerful and multifunctional UCC infrastructures, which are particularly valuable for companies, especially at a time of profound change in common workplace concepts,” says Michael Hengl, Channel Director Strategic Alliances at Snom Technology.

Sourced from: Snom. View the original article here.

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